Episode 1 :: Welcome to My Life as a Foodie

Japanese Noodles at Ebisu

In the first episode, which you can certainly consider a primer or pilot, I introduce myself, and explain exactly what this is and what to expect. Truth be told, even I don’t know what to expect. But thanks for tuning in regardless.

Thanks to immigration, which is the staple of our country, there’s a wide variety of food available to all of us, and I think it’s a crime not to at least explore it. The possibilities are endless as far as I’m concerned. Why not venture out to Asian, Mexican or Middle Eastern markets?

Look at what’s out there. Explore. You might just find some reproductive organs from a pig waiting for you. 😀

FoodTV, which I have a love/hate relationship with, gets some time. I explain what I like about it, and what I don’t. I also explain why I think it’s important that we slow things down and try to eat meals at home, and at the table.

Then I take you on my trip to Ebisu, a Japanese Noodle house here in Orange County. We had ramen, and it was a far cry from what you might think ramen really is. Those 25 cent bags of dried noodles you find in the grocery store? That’s not ramen. Listen to the show, then watch this slideshow of our visit (in Quicktime format).

Before we depart, I rant on the so-called righteous ones who think they know what’s best for all of us (that would be you, Vegans) and fill you in on my love for organ meats, and nasty bits.

Download Episode 1 here and watch the slideshow of our meal at Ebisu.

Music in this episode by Thomas Newman, the greatest living composer of our time yet to win an oscar. Buy it here.

You can also to my podcast in iTunes here.

Thanks for listening. Now get out there and eat something different.



  1. 1) Sandra Lee isn’t a whore… she’s the biggest non-lesbian lesbian of all time.
    2) best rack on Food Network… see point 1. I have screen shots.
    3) I never knew the seriousness in Ramen Noodles more than something I mixed with SoCo in college.

    Phil, GREAT job starting out. I can’t agree with you more about Food Network. I’ll admit that I watch it whenever a BBQ special is on and record Bobby Flay daily (but end up recording more than I watch) because those things interest me. He was a great help starting out my bbq love so I have a soft spot for his shows.

    The wife is big into Paula since she’s a country girl at heart also. Her sons I think TV can do without. Annoying and feminine.

    I’m a sucker for these reality TV cooking shows because every day joe’s who think cooking and food appreciation is a snap get friggin spanked! Hell’s Kitchen is more funny than serious. It’s a damn trainwreck. Food Network’s Next Star is horrible too. I can’t stand Guy who won last year. He’s too fake energetic. that make sense?

    I have to admit that since I’ve been sucked into craft beer I have a better appreciation for food as well now. Going back to the homestead today for a few days where most dishes are deep fried and the beer is $.10 You’ll hear my pallet all the way from PA to CA.


  2. Hey, nice first show! You made me hungry, but that seems like a good sign.

    Now I begin my hunt for ramen in Portland. We’ve got pho coming out of our ears, but I haven’t seem ramen here. Let the search begin . . . .

  3. My Brother!

    Great job on the first ep! You kinda snuck this one under the radar. Glad I did a search. When ever you want to hit that other ramen haus, let me know. It’s your turn to buy!!!

    Looking forward to many more MLaaF!

    Cheers, Don aka HawgDAWG

  4. Sup brotha! FINALLY getting a chance to listen to these damn shows! Awesome job dude! I am definitley NOT a foodie, very picky in fact (no suprise but I LOVE bar food!). Maybe I can learn something here, in all honesty I honestly despise asian style dishes. Hopefully your show will enlighten me!

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