Episode 2 :: Sunday Gravy

I’m back. Sorry for the delay.

So I decided that on this show we’re going to actually cook something. I figured why not – right? Let’s cook some food. I’m going to share my Grandmother’s recipe for sauce with meatballs. It’s not a recipe you haven’t seen before, probably. But it’s what we had every Sunday when I was growing up.

In addition, we take a trip to the local Farmer’s Market and buy fresh vegetables and farm fresh eggs. The vendors are extremely helpful, and we find some vegetables that we’ve not seen before. Find local Farmer’s Markets in your area here.

Take a look at this slideshow from our visit to the market.

I’ve grown tired with The Next Food Network Star, but I can’t stop watching. Listen to me rant, and give suggestions for alternative quality food programming that you may (or may not) already know is available. Top Chef is a far better show, and is everything Food Network should be adopting.

Download this PDF, which includes the ingredients, and directions for making Grandma Marsala’s Sunday Gravy with Meatballs.

Then, listen to Episode 2 here and join me in the kitchen. Let’s make some sauce.

Thanks for listening,