Episode 5 :: New American

I’ve said it before, so you know the drill. We live in a melting pot of cultures. We say we’re American, but our heritage is usually something else. We’re Japanese, Italian, German, French, Australian, African, Mexican, Iranian, Indian, Brazilian, Cuban . . . you get the idea. We are bursting with a lot of different cultures, and it takes a lot of cultures to make America. That’s what makes us the greatest nation in the world. If the United Nations were a band, we’d be the Greatest Hits CD.

So, in this episode we’re discussing New American Cuisine.

New American cuisine is a term for upscale, contemporary cooking in the United States. It marries flavors from America’s melting pot with traditional techniques, from all over the world. It includes ethnic twists on old standbys, Old World peasant dishes made from luxurious American ingredients.

My wife and I recently visited Ad Hoc restaurant in Yountville, California. Owned by Thomas Keller, you’re served from a chef’s menu – which means your eating whatever they’re cooking that day. Trust the chef. Always trust the chef.

It’s fresh, it’s delicious, it’s a new take on old food.

Sticking with tradition, listen as I drink a bottle of Russian River Brewing’s Damnation Belgian Golden Ale. It’s a perfect compliment to what we’re cooking in this episode – Parmesan Crisps made into cups, filled with a goat cheese mousse.

Listen to Episode 5 here.

Watch the slideshow from this episode, and download the recipe for the Parmesan Crisps.


  1. So they’re saying that if I’m on a budget I should buy organic because it’s more expensive… this defeats the purpose of me being on a budget.

    Good show Phil! I buy my produce off a website called goodapples.org They’re a local company that kick the tar out of any local supergiantmarket that’s out there. There’s also an Ad Hoc type place by me. The owner/chef puts the menu on the outside door so when you come in you know what you’re getting. Delicious food!

    cheers buddy!

  2. Found you on iTunes initially. That intro was very funny. She’s got a big mouth too. I think she could fit whatever she wants in it.

    Slideshow looks different. I like it. Ad Hoc huh? Not in Cali, but I’ll try it next time we’re in the area.

    Great stuff. Enjoyed it.

  3. To answer your question, Google.

    That whole organic debate is questionable at best. How are we supposed to know if what we’re eating is really organic or not. Who is going to trust the government to get this right? What ever happened to home grocer? They sold great produce cheap.

    Should I Drink That! Ha! That’s great.

  4. That whole report on organic food is a lot of bullshit. Food is food so just eat it. It’s not enough to eat your vegetables now you have to eat them organic. That doesn’t make sense.

    Found you initially on iTunes through Epicurious, but now get your show via RSS feed.

  5. Thanks everyone. Glad to see iTunes is doing the trick.

    Spoon, goodapples.org looks freakin’ great. It’s the same kind of model that homegrocer.com had, but it went belly up during the dot-com boom. I think they generally just had a bad business model. Along with pets.com, they decided to not charge for shipping – which they considered an added bonus that would hook the consumers. It did hook them, but it cost these companies millions of dollars and their investors took it in the shorts.

    Glad you’re in agreement on the organic food report. It’s a load of ballocks.

  6. Great episode again! I have really enjoyed your Foodie podcasts…lots of great information and entertainment. Keep up the great work! Talk to you soon!

  7. Adhoc sounds awesome… I would not be so hard on the folks who left… I can only imagine the agony I would be in if I sat down at a restaurant with the wife… And I knew going in that the dinner would be questionable to her tastes… It would be misery man!

    Keep up the great show!


    Oh, I heard of the show because someone was saying how cool the host was! 🙂

  8. Best restaurant for New American is 94 Stewart in Seattle. http://www.94stewart.com – check it out.

    Fantastic wine list, fresh seafood, menu changes daily and you’re eating fresh every time.

    Good show. Enjoyable.

  9. Thanks for your comments Warren, Groucho and Mile High. I appreciate you taking the time to visit the blog and for listening. And thank you, Groucho. I am pretty freakin’ cool, aren’t I? 😀

    If you get a chance, listen to Warren on Brain Gravy, and Groucho on The Beer Report with Groucho and CHUD. Both awesome podcasts in their own right.

    Mile High – I’ve only been to Seattle once, and I’m dying to go back. I will definitely look for that restaurant when I’m in the area again. I love the concept of New American, and it looks like they’re doing it all right.

    And Groucho, I hear you in regards to the agony of being served something you don’t feel like eating. But when you’re in this setting (a restaurant owned and run by King Thomas Keller) I think you have to go into this trusting that the chef’s going to do things right. If you have any doubts, or you’re picky about what you eat – this definitely isn’t the place, especially for the money.

    Thanks again everyone. I appreciate your comments.

  10. Another good show and pictures.

  11. Lovely slide show. Organic food is worth the extra money. Always try to buy it as early in the morning as possible for added freshness, and don’t fall into the trap of buying frozen organic food. Frozen is never better. Always get fresh. Always.

    We discovered your show through Podfeeder and iTunes.


  12. My wife made the parmesan cups over the weekend and they were delicous. Thank for the recipe. She said it was very simple.

  13. Glad you enjoyed them, Raymond. That’s a Thomas Keller dish. The French Laundry Cookbook is an essential part of any cookbook collection – both in it’s aesthetic value and practicality. I highly recommend it.

  14. I just wanted to say that I love the podcast and can’t wait till the next installment.

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