Hopped Up :: Part 2

Hopped Up :: Experiencing the Great American Beer Festival

Part 2  |  room for everyone

Day 2 provides even more new beer experiences, starting our day at Wynkoop Brewing (and an awesome Gorgonzola Ale soup).  Back at the festival, we taste Sam Adams Utopias, Stone’s 11th Anniversary Ale, C.B. & Potts Dunkelstiltskin, Russian River Brewing’s Supplication and Beautification (sour Belgians), Great Divide, Imperial Hefeweizen from Pyramid Brewing, Raspberry Tart from New Glarus, Penn Brewing’s Oktoberfest, and much much more.

In addition, we sample the three finalists from Sam Adams’ Longshot homebrew competition and cast our votes, experience beers from the Pro-Am competition, re-live our college drinking days with a few swigs of cheap swill, watch a live performance by The Brewing Network, experience the aftermath of a Miller Chill tasting, and end the evening in the darkness of the porta-potties.

Music by Thomas Newman, The Ramones, and New Order.

Running time:  33:37

Hopped Up :: Part 1

Hopped Up :: Experiencing the Great American Beer Festival

Part 1  |  The Beginning of the End

In the first of a three part video-series, join me as I experience the Great American Beer Festival in Denver for the first time. Joined by my long-time friend Gregg, I embark on a journey to experience as many of Americas wide variety of beers as possible, and give you a birds-eye view of what the festival is like.

Day one of the festival features: Allagash, Miller Chill, Bull & Bush, Charlie Papazian, Dogfish Head, Flying Dog, Oskar Blues, Samuel Adams, The Silent Disco, Two Brothers Brewing, and a one-finger salute to Anheuser Busch.

Running time: 29:13

Coming soon :: Hopped Up

Episode 6 :: Food Hell

Food Hell

A recent trip to the midwest was enlightening to say the least. Surrounded by acres upon acres of farmland, what I ate was less than stellar. Welcome to Food Hell.

Back home now, and things are better.

Autumn is a perfect time for comfort food, and there are few things more comforting than Beer Braised Beef over Cheesy Polenta. What goes well with that? Well, beer. Specifically, Founder’s Breakfast Stout – courtesy of our good friend Groucho at The Beer Report. Never has the marriage of coffee and beer been more perfect.

A recent post I read in defense of PETA (a stance I’m growing more and more tired of) sets me off a bit, as does the fallout from a short documentary that covered the August floods that destroyed organic crops in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Watch this documentary by Gretta Wing Miller & Aarick Beher, read an insensitive rebuttal to the situation the farmers find themselves in, and donate to help the farmers, if you feel compelled.

Listen to Episode 6 :: Food Hell
Download a copy of the beef and polenta recipe
Watch the very brief slideshow from the episode

Music in this episode courtesy of Fatboy Slim.