Hopped Up :: Part 1

Hopped Up :: Experiencing the Great American Beer Festival

Part 1  |  The Beginning of the End

In the first of a three part video-series, join me as I experience the Great American Beer Festival in Denver for the first time. Joined by my long-time friend Gregg, I embark on a journey to experience as many of Americas wide variety of beers as possible, and give you a birds-eye view of what the festival is like.

Day one of the festival features: Allagash, Miller Chill, Bull & Bush, Charlie Papazian, Dogfish Head, Flying Dog, Oskar Blues, Samuel Adams, The Silent Disco, Two Brothers Brewing, and a one-finger salute to Anheuser Busch.

Running time: 29:13


  1. Great job Phil & Gregg!! Nice reliving the moment. Yum. Hop Juice. Yum. Immortale. Yum. Allagash. Yum – Royal Oil. I could go on and on and on. CAN NOT WAIT TILL EP. 2 comes out.

  2. I am one jealous bastage! Looks like you guys had a great first day! Good job doing double duty as camera man / host. The silent disco was pretty F’ked up! What the hell?! I would have loved to jump in there with a cattle prod or taser! Looking forward to part 2 my brotha from anotha mutha!

  3. That was very fun to watch. I’ve never gone to any beer festival of any kind, but I want to go to this one. How much did each beer cost, or was it all you could drink for one flat fee? The drunk-walk was very well done.

    Can’t wait to see more.


  4. Cheers, guys. I appreciate the kind words.

    Andy, it’s actually pretty decent. You buy a ticket to get in for about $45, comes with a free taster glass, and you can drink all the one-ounce pours you want until it closes down. It’s a chance to try hundreds of different beers from all over the country, including things that you cannot even come close to finding in your area. I highly recommend any beer fest for this reason. You will realize an appreciation for beer you never knew you had.

    Sick, that silent disco was hilarious. White people should never dance in public like that – if ever.

    And Rick, it was great to see you guys there and hang out. Thanks for being a part of the project. Part 2 coming within the next week or two and includes beers from the Sam Adams Longshot competition. Royal Oil was the biggest beer I’ve ever tasted – EVER! That’s not overstating it either. Man was that strong. Bull & Bush is a very MANLY brewery.

  5. Finally got a chance to watch this… Very good! Nice slow mo through the crowd about 3/4 in… Kinda lets you know what you might miss! (Did you get her name?)

    I digress! Great to see you try some 2 Brothers… Great to hear you rip on some beers and breweries when needed… Expample: Dogfishhead. Please tell me you tried the Festina Peach???

    Cant wait for parts 2 and 3.

  6. Looks like a lot of fun! Nice job on the video.

  7. Good video. Looks like a lot of fun.

  8. Thanks Groucho, Raymond, and Jeff. I appreciate the feedback. Part 2 is in the works and should be ready sometime next week.

    Groucho, there were a lot of females at this event – more than I thought there might be. I was a good boy that weekend (as always). So no, I didn’t get her name. 🙂

    Did not have the Festina Peach from DFH. All they were offering were high gravity liver killers. Not being a fan of really big beers, I still enjoyed most of what they had to offer. Glad you appreciated that we didn’t fall in love with everything we had. Trust me, Dick Pepper is relentless on cheap American piss beer in Part 3.

  9. Oh yes, the Miller Chill girls. Was it really that bad?

  10. Too cool. I finally got a chance to start in n this. Awesome job! It was weird seeing Great American restaurants in there. They are from this area and own (among other places) Sweet Water Tavern which is a restaurant with that brews their own beer. Kind of like a high end brew pub in a way.

  11. Thanks Bubby! I appreciate you checking this out. Interesting insight you have on American Restaurants. I didn’t know who they were, so I was interested in what exactly that was about. The more I experienced that festival, the more I realized that we’re becoming more like the rest of the world in regards to beer. There are thousands of regional breweries that only serve the general communities – and aren’t nationwide. I guess the costs are too high to branch out that far. So it’s great to go to a festival like this and see what the rest of the country gets to drink on a regular basis.

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