Hopped Up :: Part 2

Hopped Up :: Experiencing the Great American Beer Festival

Part 2  |  room for everyone

Day 2 provides even more new beer experiences, starting our day at Wynkoop Brewing (and an awesome Gorgonzola Ale soup).  Back at the festival, we taste Sam Adams Utopias, Stone’s 11th Anniversary Ale, C.B. & Potts Dunkelstiltskin, Russian River Brewing’s Supplication and Beautification (sour Belgians), Great Divide, Imperial Hefeweizen from Pyramid Brewing, Raspberry Tart from New Glarus, Penn Brewing’s Oktoberfest, and much much more.

In addition, we sample the three finalists from Sam Adams’ Longshot homebrew competition and cast our votes, experience beers from the Pro-Am competition, re-live our college drinking days with a few swigs of cheap swill, watch a live performance by The Brewing Network, experience the aftermath of a Miller Chill tasting, and end the evening in the darkness of the porta-potties.

Music by Thomas Newman, The Ramones, and New Order.

Running time:  33:37


  1. Glad to hear you liked the Troegenator. that’s one of my go to beers when I’m lookin to chill. That guy with patches and the robe is everywhere when we have a beer event in Pittsburgh. Funny that you met up with him 🙂 I really try to like Penn Brewery but it just doesn’t do it for me. Good representation of the styles buy not my thing. Good job Phil! Can’t wait to see how this ends!

    In honor of your stop at the Old Milwaukee stand I shall now raise a pint of Beast Ice to you!

  2. Thanks Spoon! I’d raise a glass of something in your honor too, but my head is pounding from last night. Champagne did flow, but it got the best of me.

    I appreciate your feedback. While I appreciated Penn Brewery’s Oktoberfest, it wasn’t exactly how I like that style. I’m more of a Märzen fan when it comes to Oktoberfest. I like a deeper, maltier, sweeter beer.

    Oh, and look for that Gorgonzola Ale Soup on a future My Life as a Foodie. That was amazing stuff and it deserves to be on everyone’s table.

  3. Fun! Even better than the first one. It was kind of dark in places, but hilarious at the end. That should be a required game at concerts and other events. 🙂 I see that catching on.

  4. Post the recipe for that Gorgonzola soup if you have it.

  5. Great job dude! I am SO sorry I missed this, especially the porta-potty game! Fuckin brilliant! CHEERS!

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