Hopped Up :: Part 3

Hopped Up :: Experiencing the Great American Beer Festival

Part 3 :: a day of reckoning

In the last of this 3-part series, we’re joined by Dick & Rick from Big Foamy Head. It turns into a mad dash to try all the beers we haven’t had a chance to try in the previous 2 days, so we drink anything and everything that crosses our path.

We taste beers from Carolina Brewing Company, O’Dell Brewing, O’Fallon, Surly Brewing (who wins a gold medal while we’re filming), Brugge Brasserie (Indianapolis meets Brussels), Black Chocolate Stout from Brooklyn Brewery, Ommegang, an assortment of bad American beer (Old Style, Colt 45, PBR, Old Milwaukee – yes, we went there), North by Northwest, and a last trip to Dogfish Head.

In addition, there’s Charlie Papazian’s dedication to the memory of Michael Jackson, men in kilts, more taster glasses breaking, a unique beer pairing from Gregg, and a homebrewing smackdown. Also, Dick steals SIDT’s tag-line, and Dave at O’Fallon gives a special shout out to Groucho.

Music by Thomas Newman, Sounds from The Ground, and Phonosynthese.

Running time: 25:00