Episode 8 :: Korean BBQ

KimchiJoin me as I visit a Korean market and purchase items for a semi-traditional Korean BBQ meal. We make beef bulgogi with rib eye steak, along with some spicy kimchi, a seaweed salad, and fish cakes.

I also enjoy some Soju on the show and try two different varieties. Soju is the national drink of Korea, and it tastes like a light vodka. Very easy to drink, and easy to get in trouble with. I give a little more information than you probably need on this drink, but we’re nothing on this show if not educational.

There’s also a discussion of Chris Cosentino and his San Francisco-based restaurant Incanto. Chris made it to the final 3 on The Next Iron Chef competition on Food Network. He recently appeared on an episode of “Modern Marvels” on the History Channel, which focused on “OFFAL” – cooking the less than desirable cuts of the pig. I play a brief segment of his appearance on that show. Check the whole thing out on the History Channel if you’re interested.

Download the show here, the slide show for the episode here, and the recipe for Beef Bulgogi here.

Oh, and don’t forget to listen to Big Foamy Head, where I’ll be making a brief appearance on their next “Sexiest Beer Alive” competition. Trust me, this is not to be missed.

Music in this episode from Oman Chali. If you liked it, please support Oman and buy it on iTunes.


  1. Nice show Phil. I will pass on the brain though. There are very few things I won’t eat, brain being one of them! I’ll try the soju though! I love mongolian bbq’s and am curious if Korean is similar? Keep the shows coming – I love them!

  2. Thanks Rick. The flavor of the Beef Bulgogi is very sweet – almost like Teriyaki. I love Mongolian BBQ too! It’s very healthy.

    Thanks for your comments. Sorry about the brain – hope it wasn’t too big of a turn-off.

  3. […] Episode 7 :: Korean BBQ […]

  4. Yes I have to agree. There are somethings I just will not eat and the organs of any animal are all on that list. With all of the meat we have at our disposal why would you want to eat the intestines or brains? I don’t care how they might say they clean it. It had pig shit in it once. Gross.

  5. Another awesome show! The previous owners of the Deli next to where I work used to serve Bulgogi every once in a while. I picked it up a couple times, it was very good.

    Brain. My problem really isn’t eating another thing’s brain, especially if it was served up right by someone who knows what they are doing. Its just my brain being sketchy over prions (missfolded proteins that cause other brain proteins to missfold and are believed to be responsible for a group of brain wasting diseases such as so-called “Mad Cow disease”).

    In any event, excellent episode. That reminds me, I do need to hunt down the Soju. With all the Asians in this area I am sure its readily available.

  6. Love the music on this episode. I clicked that link and it took me to iTunes Store. Is there a way to buy just the song or do you have to buy the whole album? Not any Korean stores where I live. The food sounds good tho.

  7. The trips to the Asian markets/restaurants are my favorite part. Maybe the guy wasn’t really deaf. He just didn’t want to talk to you because you were recording. The music was so funny. Is that what they play in there? I would love to try this food. It looks delicious.

    Thanks, andy.

  8. Downloading now Clarke my boy!

    Paul, just right click on the link that Clarke provided and save to your desktop or download straight from itunes, its just one file..and enjoy, Clarke provides us all with a great show everytime!

  9. Paul, nevermind! 🙂 you were talking about the album! Sorry!

  10. Another great episode Clarke! Im with BuBBy on the whole eating brain idea though.

    Common among old time farmers around here to eat the animal as a whole and nothing is wasted, which reminds me that I can’t stand the taste of pickled pigs feet! Definitely an aquired taste!

  11. That shit is nasty. I will eat almost any animal, but not the brains or the ass. Leave that for the third world people who have to eat it!!!!

    I looked on the History Channel web site and didn’t see this episode. Do you all have any idea when it will be on again?

  12. Thanks for all of your posts. I didn’t think the brain eating would get that big of a response, but when you consider how Bubby put it, I can see the risks. Bubby, you really took the fun out of that one. 😀 It’s always educational with you, and I appreciate it.

    Paul, I have to say a big THANK YOU for downloading that song from Oman. Did you get it? You don’t have to buy the whole album. The song is 99 cents. I play clips of music on my show that I really like, and want to support as much as I can. So if any of you like it, please help me support the artists by buying their music, even if it’s not through iTunes.

    Andy, I hope you are able to find some Korean food somewhere/sometime. It really is good stuff. There’s nothing gross about this food, with the exception of textural issues (if texture is ever a problem for you). The thought of fermenting cabbage is nasty, but it doesn’t taste nasty. Kimchi is awesome.

    Thank you Sick for your comments, as always. And thanks for helping Paul.

    DV, I have no idea when the show will be playing again. I looked on the future episodes list and didn’t find it. If it shows up again, I’ll make sure to post it. It’s a great episode.

    Thanks again, everyone. I appreciate your continued support of the show.

  13. Nice show, I like the the slideshows.

    I agree with you 100%, Kimche is very good stuff. I got hooked on it when I was stationed in Korea. I have made it at home and buy it regularly. Good stuff.

    I always feel like an Asiaphile when I go to the store and buy it, because like you said, here in Germany I am the only white guy in the store.

    If you like the normal Kimche you may want to try the mustard greens cabbage. It has a bit of a funny flavour, but it grows on you. I also like the cool radish kimche.

    By the way, found you from BFH,

    Take care.

  14. Thanks Kirk! Dude, you make Kimchi? I’m impressed. That looks like a lot of work.

    Thanks for the tips on the different Kimchis. I’ll try new varieties soon enough.

    Cheers, and thanks again for your post.

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