Episode 9 :: Hamburgers


It’s our last show of the year, so we figured what a better time than to drink a beer given to us as a gift last year around this time. It’s St. Nikolaus Bock Bier from Penn Brewing in Pittsburgh, which was sent to us from the boys at Should I Drink That? And nothing goes better with a beer like this than a thick juicy hamburger. So we’re talking about hamburgers – particularly, a pressed Cuban burger that Bobby Flay makes.

There’s a discussion of farm raised fish, and how far these growers have come in emulating the flavor of wild fish. We also discuss the dangers of buying generic ground beef, and young vegetarians. No, not buying young vegetarians – that came out wrong. Seriously.

Oh, and it’s never too late to shop for Christmas gifts. And if you want to make the meat-eater in your life happy, get them a year’s subscription to the Bacon of the Month Club. It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year long.

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Download the recipe for the Pressed Cuban Burger (courtesy of Bobby Flay)
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