Episode 11 :: Great Food Great Beer

Shrimp Cakes with Corn Salsa

Over the holidays, I received a gift from a friend that will be very useful to the show. It’s a beer-pairing cookbook from Anheuser Busch titled “Great Food, Great Beer”. You all know how I feel about Anheuser Busch, so I won’t comment on the beer part, but the recipes are fantastic.

So this week we’re preparing their Shrimp Cakes with Corn Relish, and pairing it with a beer far more worthy than Bud Light – Saison D’epeature from Brasserie De Blaugies in Dour, Belgium. It’s a Farmhouse Saison brewed by a husband-and-wife team who are schoolteachers, and in their part time brew beer in their garage and sell it throughout Belgium.

Also in this episode:
• One of Italy’s best known exports, mozzarella, is under threat from an infection spreading through herds of water buffalo.
• Interesting information about Mad Cow Disease, and how it was eradicated in UK and Japan in less than 2 years.
• Fat’s Grill and Bar and their 222 pound cheeseburger
• A recent study found incredibly high mercury levels in tuna being served in Manhattan sushi bars
• Oahu’s last dairy will be closing on February 15th, causing all the island’s residents to rely on imported milk.
• Beginning with the next episode, we’ll be joined by Shaun, a graduate student finishing his studies in Agriculture at a local university

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Download the recipe for Shrimp Cakes with Corn Relish

Music in this episode by Dzihan & Kamien

Episode 10 :: Duvel & Blinis

This week, we’re pairing Duvel Golden Ale with Thomas Keller’s potato blinis, topped with crème fraîche and caviar. Oh yeah, we’re starting the new year off with a bang.

We discuss (among other things):

• Beer Safari’s first award ever (we’re so proud)
• The future of the Zeroface Project
• Food Network has brought back “A Cook’s Tour” for one final go-around before their rights to the series expire (Bourdain is a turd in the Food Network punchbowl yet again)
• Ad Hoc’s new “Burgers and Half Bottles” restaurant
• Disney’s new Mickey Mouse Burger Patties
• FDA Approval of cloned livestock
• Why supermarkets are the enemy of the Farmer’s Market (and you)
• The Cheesecake Factory (and every restaurant like them) is a good reason why America is fat

Download Episode 10 here, and get Thomas Keller’s Potato Blini recipe here.

If you like the music in this episode, download “Space Dock” by Chris Zippel in the iTunes Store.