Episode 10 :: Duvel & Blinis

This week, we’re pairing Duvel Golden Ale with Thomas Keller’s potato blinis, topped with crème fraîche and caviar. Oh yeah, we’re starting the new year off with a bang.

We discuss (among other things):

• Beer Safari’s first award ever (we’re so proud)
• The future of the Zeroface Project
• Food Network has brought back “A Cook’s Tour” for one final go-around before their rights to the series expire (Bourdain is a turd in the Food Network punchbowl yet again)
• Ad Hoc’s new “Burgers and Half Bottles” restaurant
• Disney’s new Mickey Mouse Burger Patties
• FDA Approval of cloned livestock
• Why supermarkets are the enemy of the Farmer’s Market (and you)
• The Cheesecake Factory (and every restaurant like them) is a good reason why America is fat

Download Episode 10 here, and get Thomas Keller’s Potato Blini recipe here.

If you like the music in this episode, download “Space Dock” by Chris Zippel in the iTunes Store.