Episode 10 :: Duvel & Blinis

This week, we’re pairing Duvel Golden Ale with Thomas Keller’s potato blinis, topped with crème fraîche and caviar. Oh yeah, we’re starting the new year off with a bang.

We discuss (among other things):

• Beer Safari’s first award ever (we’re so proud)
• The future of the Zeroface Project
• Food Network has brought back “A Cook’s Tour” for one final go-around before their rights to the series expire (Bourdain is a turd in the Food Network punchbowl yet again)
• Ad Hoc’s new “Burgers and Half Bottles” restaurant
• Disney’s new Mickey Mouse Burger Patties
• FDA Approval of cloned livestock
• Why supermarkets are the enemy of the Farmer’s Market (and you)
• The Cheesecake Factory (and every restaurant like them) is a good reason why America is fat

Download Episode 10 here, and get Thomas Keller’s Potato Blini recipe here.

If you like the music in this episode, download “Space Dock” by Chris Zippel in the iTunes Store.


  1. Hey, just started listening and heard the ER story. I hope your OK. Just like you said though, one to remember.

    I want to eat that picture LOL.


  2. That looks delicious. I will listen to your show this weekend. Looking forward to it.

  3. Funny show. I thought you were joking about the mickey mouse burgers until I clicked the link. I still think it is a joke, though. Wouldn’t they have to have buns to match?

    The FDA ruling was interesting, yes. Clones are no different from other animals. They are delayed identical twins. Clones exist in nature as well, as many organisms reproduce asexually. So I don’t see a problem with it.

  4. You see …. this is the reason why I try hard to stay away from beef. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. There’s always some problem with it. Cloning is a bad thing, not a good thing, you understand. You don’t know what it is you’re putting into your mouth, do you? That’s why I try to stick to the less fattier meats (turkey, chicken & fish)

  5. Thanks for your concern, Ray. We’re all OK here. My wife took a spill early in the evening and had to have a few stitches. It helped that we were able to laugh it off, but I don’t want to ever have to go through that again. ER sucks.

    Regarding the FDA decision:
    What has me worried the most about this the fact that they’re NOT going to force stickers on packages of cloned beef. So, if you’re buying your meat in the grocery store or from the butcher counter, you will not know if you’re eating cloned beef or not. I think this will push health conscious people towards eating farm fresh livestock (from local or reputable farms) or grass-fed natural beef sold at stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Henry’s, etc. But it’s still a few years off, so you never know how this is going to turn out.

    Thanks for your comments, everyone.

  6. Funny stuff. Kids will eat anything (almost), as long as it’s shaped like something they like. But fudge pudding in a diaper, I don’t know.

    I don’t care about cloned meat. If the price doesn’t get out of hand, I’m ok with it.

  7. Very informative. Thanks.

  8. Good show. Miss the slideshows tho, :-(.

    Have you ever had stuffed grape leaves? We had them over the holidays and loved them. I looked at this web page and wondered if you’ve ever tried this. http://www.yogurtland.com/2005/09/26/stuffed-grape-leaves/

  9. The Cheesecake Factory is pretty lame. Love the Cheesecake, but their food is nothing to write home to Mom about.


  10. Tony Bourdain’s Cooks Tour is really great. Are they going to make this show again, or just show these older shows? It was so hard to watch him eat that cobra heart. And a tree grub too. I hope they paid him well for that.

  11. No Reservations is a much better show in my opinion. He seems more relaxed doing that show, and it’s an hour long so there’s more to see. You can read his blog online. http://anthony-bourdain-blog.travelchannel.com/

  12. I don’t care how well you package it and try to sell ti to me, I’m not eating cloned meat. It could promise me the 19 inches of growth that the spam emails do and I still wont let it into my system. screw that.

    I’m starting to get back into Bourdain again because of you.

    cheers n@

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