Episode 11 :: Great Food Great Beer

Shrimp Cakes with Corn Salsa

Over the holidays, I received a gift from a friend that will be very useful to the show. It’s a beer-pairing cookbook from Anheuser Busch titled “Great Food, Great Beer”. You all know how I feel about Anheuser Busch, so I won’t comment on the beer part, but the recipes are fantastic.

So this week we’re preparing their Shrimp Cakes with Corn Relish, and pairing it with a beer far more worthy than Bud Light – Saison D’epeature from Brasserie De Blaugies in Dour, Belgium. It’s a Farmhouse Saison brewed by a husband-and-wife team who are schoolteachers, and in their part time brew beer in their garage and sell it throughout Belgium.

Also in this episode:
• One of Italy’s best known exports, mozzarella, is under threat from an infection spreading through herds of water buffalo.
• Interesting information about Mad Cow Disease, and how it was eradicated in UK and Japan in less than 2 years.
• Fat’s Grill and Bar and their 222 pound cheeseburger
• A recent study found incredibly high mercury levels in tuna being served in Manhattan sushi bars
• Oahu’s last dairy will be closing on February 15th, causing all the island’s residents to rely on imported milk.
• Beginning with the next episode, we’ll be joined by Shaun, a graduate student finishing his studies in Agriculture at a local university

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Music in this episode by Dzihan & Kamien