Episode 12 :: True Lies

True Lies

We’ve got our first official guest in the studio this time – Shaun, an agriculture/biology major studying at Cal Poly Pomona University. Shaun is a wealth of knowledge, and answers all of my questions about what it’s really like for farmers, and the truth about the food we eat.

We discuss the future of farming, and what role the government plays in that. There are a lot of agricultural commodities that are already being outsourced. The reason? Land and water. California is the #1 state for production of fruits and vegetables, but the future looks somewhat bleak.

I ask Shaun what the process is to start a farm. What hoops do you have to jump through? How much support do they get from the US government? How much land is required to turn a profit? What are your expenses? Is it more profitable to raise animals, or grow produce? He provides in-depth information on this and more.

There’s also a discussion of what it costs to raise a cow, and what the profit margin is for farmers. And he also sheds light on the truth about Mad Cow Disease (I’m almost sorry I asked).

It’s a different kind of show this time. No beer, no recipes, no discussion of fancy meals. Just information about food and farming. I want to thank Shaun for taking his time to come in and share his knowledge with us.

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This episode’s theme song is “Minus” by Unforscene. Buy it from the iTunes store.