Episode 13 :: Bambi With a Side of Fries

Yum! Venison with Pomme Frites.

I’ve never tasted venison before, so this is a first. And what a better way to have it than with a side order of pomme frites? Join me on my journey while I eat the most innocent of God’s lovely little creatures. I’ll even teach you the proper way to make the best French Fries you’ve ever tasted.

The New York Times recently ran an editorial by Jack Hedin, who’s a farmer in the midwest. He explains how the government actively prohibits small farmers from growing fruits and vegetables so we don’t waste valuable land where subsidized crops might grow. News? Not really, but an interesting read.

To go along with the tenderloin of venison, we have an incredible barley wine. It’s Insanity from Weyerbacher in Easton, PA and it comes courtesy of Sick Puppy at Should I Drink That? I can tell you now – I was floored.

The Germans think of everything. They’ve given us so much – the hot dog, the Autobahn, Kraftwerk, Hefeweizen, and the Porsche. Well, all of that was nothing. They’ve reached the heights of their inventiveness now. It’s a Cheeseburger in a can.

Officials in Tokyo are offering a worldwide “authenticity screen” for restaurants that claim to be Japanese. This may lead to something similar to the Michelin star system for any Japanese restaurant in the world.

Top Chef Season 4 begins next week, and the Food Network is an even bigger train wreck than we ever thought.

All of this and more in Episode 13. Download all 30 minutes of jam-packed fun here.

Music in this episode: “Antarktida” by Gluk.