Episode 14 :: The Real Green Acres

Shaun visits with us again to continue our discussion of life on a farm, and gives us his thoughts on organic farming, the affects of immigration, and more.  He even goes in-depth in describing what palpation is and how it’s done.  This episode is definitely NSFL (Not Safe For Lunch).  You’ve been warned.

Before Shaun visits, I wanted to share a few things with you.  The show is gaining a firm listener-base, and one of our shows has reached the 700th download plateau, with another rapidly catching up to it.  In addition, we’re enjoying a solid number of regular listeners.

Rick from Big Foamy Head has shared a beer with us, which I’m happy to  enjoy on the show. It’s “Collaboration not Litigation Ale”  – a blended Strong Belgian Ale from Avery Brewing and Russian River Brewing. The two breweries have brewed a beer that they’ve both named ‘Salvation’, so instead of battling over who got to keep the name, they decided to mix the beers and share it with the world.  It’s an incredibly complex Strong Belgian with deep fruit flavors and a massive body.  Thanks again, Rick!

Chris Cosentino, the executive chef at Incanto, was preparing some of the courses for a recent “Head to Tail” Dinner. They shot some video of Chris preparing the meal, and I’m sharing some of the audio from that with you. Chris has a cookbook ready to be published but needs representation.  Could someone please discover this man and help us make him famous?  He’s a very innovative chef, and he tells it like it is.
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