Episode 15 :: 燒賣 (Shaomai)

Pork Shaomai

Chinese food – it’s the mother to all cuisines. And traditional Chinese food is so far beyond what we’ve grown accustomed to thinking Chinese food is. Today, we’re enjoying Shaomai – steamed pork dumplings. Very simple, easy to make, a delicious beer snack, and very Chinese. To go with that, some Crooked Tree IPA from Dark Horse Brewing in Marshall, Michigan – sent to us courtesy of Groucho at The Beer Report.

There’s a lot of audio clips to share on the show – more than usual. We hear from Tim Lang, a scientist who coined the phrase “food miles” in the early 90’s to describe the distance our groceries have to travel to reach us. There’s also a report from the congressional panel hearing over the biggest meat recall in US history. Steve Mendell, the president of the processing plant responsible recently went before a congressional panel and denied claims that the cows shown on the video were actually processed. So they showed him video of those cows being led into the processing house. As soon as they did that, he had to admit that he was lying – hilarious. Listen to him dance. Dance white boy, dance!

Andrew Zimmern (from Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods”) sure loves to eat male reproductive organs. You may have noticed I love to point it out every time he does it. Well this time he’s over-done it. He visits a restaurant in China that only serves penises. Listen as Andrew dies and goes to dick heaven.

Finally, Tony Bourdain is cornered backstage at a special dinner function by Adam Roberts of Food Network’s “FN Dish.” The kid actually has the balls to ask Tony his opinion of the Food Network. Well, Tony’s never short on opinions, and neither am I. With the exception of a few shows, Food Network sucks, and we need someone to develop the antidote. Where’s Pirate TV for foodies? More cursing, less bleeping, and show real chefs. FN has become designed for housewives and old women and it’s annoying. If you want to read the stuff that was bleeped out of the interview with Tony, check out Adam’s blog.

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Music from this episode: “Bahama Mama” by Yam Yam. Buy it in the iTunes Store.