Episode 16 :: La Gloria Cubana

I don’t pimp restaurants too often, but I have to give some love to one of my favorite breakfast places because we visited there recently and I wanted to share this place with you. It’s an old restaurant called Felix’s Continental Cafe and they specialize in Cuban food. It’s a hot spot for breakfast and there’s a ton of outside seating. Listen to the show now.

Cuban cuisine is a mix of many different types of Cuisine – mainly Spanish, African and Caribbean. Cuban recipes share spices and techniques with Spanish and African cooking, and they’ll use some Caribbean influence for spice and flavor.

Other topics include:

• A huge rant on Anheuser Busch and their “Busch League” advertising tactics
• Many thanks to all of you for your support of my “Grill It!” video
• Review of King Corn on DVD, including audio samples
• Several news items covering food shortages throughout the world. Food fight, anyone?
• Stone Brewing’s Imperial Russian Stout – maybe my all time favorite stout, period.
• PETA is nuts . . . I mean, really nuts.
• Kentucky Grilled Chicken

Download Episode 16 here.

Music in this episode: “Chilly” by TNT Recordings. Buy it in the iTunes Store.

Watch King Korn For FREE on PBS

Hey everyone. Just got an important email from our friend HogDawg and he wanted to make sure I shared it with all of you.

Even though the DVD release is a couple of weeks away, King Corn airs this week on the Emmy-winning PBS series Independent Lens. Broadcasts begin tonight!

Check local listings, lean more about the world of corn, get lost in the corn maze, and go behind the scenes on the new PBS website for King Corn.

These guys are doing the right thing. This movie was never about making money, it was about making a difference. Spread the word and tell everyone who you think might be interested in learning the truth about the food we eat, and the evil of “the inside aisles.”


Quack-a-dillas with grilled corn and black bean relish

So Bobby Flay is coming out with a new cookbook, and a new show called “Grill It!” as well. He’s invited anyone who grills to upload a short video showing your signature dish. If he likes it, he’ll fly you out to New York and you’ll cook the dish together on an episode of “Grill It!”

I figured “Why not?” so I prepared my duck quesadillas with a grilled corn and black bean relish. Excuse the rough chopping and one-handed cooking. I had to be host, director, and cameraman on this day.

You can see my video, along with all of the other contestants on the Food Network web site.