Episode 16 :: La Gloria Cubana

I don’t pimp restaurants too often, but I have to give some love to one of my favorite breakfast places because we visited there recently and I wanted to share this place with you. It’s an old restaurant called Felix’s Continental Cafe and they specialize in Cuban food. It’s a hot spot for breakfast and there’s a ton of outside seating. Listen to the show now.

Cuban cuisine is a mix of many different types of Cuisine – mainly Spanish, African and Caribbean. Cuban recipes share spices and techniques with Spanish and African cooking, and they’ll use some Caribbean influence for spice and flavor.

Other topics include:

• A huge rant on Anheuser Busch and their “Busch League” advertising tactics
• Many thanks to all of you for your support of my “Grill It!” video
• Review of King Corn on DVD, including audio samples
• Several news items covering food shortages throughout the world. Food fight, anyone?
• Stone Brewing’s Imperial Russian Stout – maybe my all time favorite stout, period.
• PETA is nuts . . . I mean, really nuts.
• Kentucky Grilled Chicken

Download Episode 16 here.

Music in this episode: “Chilly” by TNT Recordings. Buy it in the iTunes Store.


  1. Warning, this site has FOOD PORN! Good lord phil you have some damn good pics there.

    We’ll be addressing your Bobby Flay thing shortly on an upcoming show and sending out info to our listeners also. When you win I think you’ll need someone to carry your bags right 🙂

    Bud is like that bully in school who finally meets it’s match. I dont have anything intelligent to say so lets call names. I’m just waiting for the “yeah well anyone but us is like stupid”.

  2. You got something good going here. Or maybe I am also a good beer and good food type of person so this is right (er dahn) my alley. Sorry to see your NHL season ended but that means you can start cheering on the Pens!

    Cheers from Pittsburgh

  3. Hey guys, thanks for your posts, and for listening.

    Doug, I appreciate that you’re on the same team as I am regarding AB. Bud is running scared, and I’m glad to see it. Thanks for your appreciation of the photography, and for helping me spread the word on my video. Had it not been for your tip in the beginning, I wouldn’t have know this even existed.

    Chris, I have a soft spot for the Pens, so I’m behind you guys 100% – no question. One of my best friends is a Pens fan, so I was rooting for them back in the days of Mario & Jagr (and that painful Cup loss against the North Stars :-/). Thank you for your post, and for the condolences. As I told my wife “Wait till last year!” I can still relive the glory of seeing our boys hoist that cup, and I think you guys will soon feel it too. Sid is the man.

    Cheers gents.


  4. I recall you talking about this movie before. I will definitely pick it up. Great show!


  5. Phil,

    Oh man, I was spitting my coffee and looking stupid on the train when I reached the Kirstin Dunst and Kate Blanchet metaphor.

    About the food shortages, I think it is a real problem and one of my biggest arguments against purely organic food production. Some countries just cannot afford to turn their back on some kind of modified food. Exactly this is what happened in Africa when those do gooder “no genically modified crop” protesters (Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth) convinced the leaders of Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Lesotho, and Swaziland not to allow badly needed food into their countries. With no other source of food as a back-up, the sub-continent is thrown into hunger and political strife as a direct consequence of Greenpeace, FOE, and other organizations exerting their will there. 12 Million lives are on the edge of starvation in the region and are the fodder in the fight to ignore scientific advances. As Greenpeace and FOE lament of the dangers of GM food they provide no alternative or assistance to the persons affected.

    2nd. Shame on the US for spending 700 Billion to wage a war but it’s citizens need to go to foodbanks and around 40 million people are going hungry. http://duggmirror.com/politics/What_8_Years_of_Bush_and_Cheney_Have_Done_to_the_U_S_Economy/
    On the linked page are a lot of slights and tragedies.

    I am not bagging on the US, I think it is every countries responsibility to protect it’s citizens and know that in Europe there are a lot of problems. But your own citizens should take a front seat for donations and when corporations are enjoying an after tax increase in profits, compared to 8 years ago, of 135% there should be enough money.

    Sorry, my social democratic colours have shown through. I feel strong about equal opportunities and the ability to advance in society.

    I think that if prices keep increasing, and more people start falling to the wayside, us first world countries may have very real problems.

    Thanks and great show,

  6. Great work Philly. Totally with you on Bud being bullies. Other than not drink their beer, there is not much you can do to harm a giant like Busch. PETA yeah right. I love animals… they taste great. My brother was a vegan. Until he moved to Alaska and had to pay $8.00 for a cantaloupe. What’s my point?? I don’t know just shooting the shit. Love the rants and the info keep it up.

    See ya,

  7. Hi Phil!

    I didn’t check out the video yet (slow internet connection), but your post just reminded me of how much I miss Cuban food. Great picture, too. Sigh.

    My roommates in Boston used to cook Cuban dishes all the time, and it was so delicious. Then I went to Cuba and came back with an extra few pounds. So worth it. Know of any good places in Toronto?


  8. Hey Phil, great show! I have never tasted Cuban food, but it seems alot like a combination of Mexican/Italian? Excellent photography, made my mouth water.

    I know you’re against PETA, but the veggie burgers are not that bad. My wife was trying to quit meat for a while and she would buy these in the frozen section. They’re not that bad really.

    Anyway, great show. Keep up the good work.

    Ray Ray

  9. Kirk, some time ago, someone told me that based on the comments they see on my blog – I must have some of the most intelligent listeners out there. I believe you’re upping the ante a bit. You make so many great points, I’m not sure where to begin.

    I find myself self-editing sometimes when I say things in defense of organic food, because I know that I’m talking out of my ass while in some countries people are lucky just to have something to eat, let alone something organic. So your comment on the do-gooders putting the screws to poor countries is on-the-nose. It’s shameful.

    And I cannot agree MORE with your soliloquy on the US spending as much as we are on this war, while people in our own country have to travel to food banks (some of them empty) in order to eat. We have many fish to fry, and I think we’re past due to fry those here at home. Thanks for posting that link.

    I would love to have you on my show. It’s a shame you’re across the big pond. 🙂 Don’t ever feel bad or feel the need to apologize for speaking your mind here. I love hearing everything people have to say, whether they agree with me or not. If we can provoke thought here, we’re making great strides. Thank you again for your thoughtful posts.

    Don, thanks for checking in, and for listening. I don’t have a problem with PETA, per se. I just don’t like when they screw with food – it’s not right. Eat your vegetables, veggie patties, whatever. Just shut the hell up about it. None of us care. $8 for a cantaloupe – did you read that, everyone? I’m telling you, we’re eating on the cheap here; enjoy it while it lasts.

    Des, thanks for stopping by again. I’m enjoying your blog too. Congratulations on your new job. It sounds like you have a bright future ahead of you. 🙂 I’m not too familiar with Toronto (I would love to see it some day) but I did find this place for you – Julie’s Cuban Restaurant. It’s located at 200 Dovercourt Road in Toronto. The menu looks fantastic, and it would definitely be a place I would check out when I go.

    Thanks again all of you (you too, Ray). I appreciate your posts very much. They let me know someone’s listening, or at least reading. I’ll take whatever I can get.

    Cheers, and good eating.


  10. Phil, I listened to this the minute you posted it, but have been mulling a response to it. Not that I have anything great to add. I did see 15 minutes of King Corn on “Independent Lens”. It was the part where they were making high fructose corn syrup at home. Looked just like home brewing – at least I understood exactly what they were doing. Thanks for turning us on to that movie. I looked for next time it is going to air, but it’s not showing up on my DVR yet. Thanks for the mention of Dick and I and BigFoamyHead again – I guess we have a mutual admiration society going on. 🙂 Loads of respect to you for everything you’ve been producing lately – foodie, dude night final ep? (say it ain’t so) and the Bobby Flay Grilling It video. You are proliferous! Thanks for all the infotainment.

  11. Food looks fabulous. Have never had cuban food, but I do know there are places around here that serve that kind of food.

    Very nice show. Enjoying these last few shows, and all of the topics you’re discussing. Yes it is a bit of a bummer, but the news is rarely ever good these days. At least you’re bringing the truth to the table.

    I know I speak for everyone when I say thank you. In fact, that rice shortage story you mentioned broke big today. http://www.guardian.co.uk/feedarticle?id=7481196


  12. Hey, I just ordered King Corn from Amazon. Thanks for the recommendation. Enjoyed the show very much. Good luck with the video.

  13. Phil… Check out this video… It kind of goes with your good food stuff…

  14. Scott, thanks for the link to that trailer. I registered on their web site and will be talking about this on the next show. Thanks again for that. It looks like a well done production.

    Leitch, I appreciate you supporting the filmmakers and purchasing that DVD. You will not be disappointed. I’ve seen the film and it’s very well done. The DVD has a ton of great additional materials on it too. Please continue to spread the word.

    Andy, as usual – thanks for your thoughtful post. The worldwide rice shortage story is weeks old now, but it’s starting to hit home. Funny how it makes the news the minute it affects Costco, and Sam’s Club. 😀

    Thanks again to all of you for listening, and taking the time to come here and comment on the blog. I appreciate it very much.

  15. Another great show Phil!

  16. First time I’ve actually had a beer you mentioned on the show. It was very good, but kind of expensive (I paid $9 for a 22 ounce bottle). Worth it, though. I had never tasted a Russian stout before.

    Loved the show, especially all of the news items. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up.

  17. Good luck on the Bobby Flay show. I hope you make it.

    / Tex

  18. Your dead on about Bud. Also, another great show, keep it up. I am behind on listening to the show but I am trying to catch up.
    P.S. I voted for you on the video. Rick, Dick and I are sending the BFH t-shirt for you to wear. LOL!


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