Episode 17 :: Thai Me Up

Thai Me Up

AleSmith Horny Devil is an awesome beer – it really is. It’s a Belgian Strong Ale in the greatest sense. Unfortunately, it makes me very angry. It brings out the devil in me.

In any case I’m enjoying it on the show. And I’m sharing my experience at a recent Thai restaurant that I visited with some friends of mine. Chicken satay, spring rolls, shrimp in a green curry sauce, pad thai, beef panaeng, and pad pak ruam (stir-fried eggplant). I only wish they’d served Horny Devil with our meal. Asian beer is simply not my thing.

I also share my thoughts on Season 4 of Top Chef – why it’s great, and why it’s not (including a 50 second piece of audio to back up my claims).

In addition, there’s a recent article in WIRED magazine covering why NY style pizza is almost impossible to duplicate anywhere else, an angry rant against the mean-spirited geniuses at the Jelly Belly Candy Company, a well thought-out farm co-op in England, and a full-fledged verbal ass-kicking of Paula Dean (she so had this coming). Photo on right courtesy of Bubby Oxide.

All of this and MORE on Episode 17 of My Life as a Foodie. Listen to it now.