Episode 17 :: Thai Me Up

Thai Me Up

AleSmith Horny Devil is an awesome beer – it really is. It’s a Belgian Strong Ale in the greatest sense. Unfortunately, it makes me very angry. It brings out the devil in me.

In any case I’m enjoying it on the show. And I’m sharing my experience at a recent Thai restaurant that I visited with some friends of mine. Chicken satay, spring rolls, shrimp in a green curry sauce, pad thai, beef panaeng, and pad pak ruam (stir-fried eggplant). I only wish they’d served Horny Devil with our meal. Asian beer is simply not my thing.

I also share my thoughts on Season 4 of Top Chef – why it’s great, and why it’s not (including a 50 second piece of audio to back up my claims).

In addition, there’s a recent article in WIRED magazine covering why NY style pizza is almost impossible to duplicate anywhere else, an angry rant against the mean-spirited geniuses at the Jelly Belly Candy Company, a well thought-out farm co-op in England, and a full-fledged verbal ass-kicking of Paula Dean (she so had this coming). Photo on right courtesy of Bubby Oxide.

All of this and MORE on Episode 17 of My Life as a Foodie. Listen to it now.


  1. Phil, another bang up job BUT I do have to say that Lushie would like to wail on you for a good 10 minutes about your Paula Dean comments. Nothing but love baby!

    Jelly Belly has always disturbed me. they came out with these harry Potter beans a few years ago that flavors were dirt and some other crud. they were awful but kids loved them.

    You’re getting really good at these food porn pics .


  2. Phil,

    I love Thai food and I am so happy that middle aged German men go to Thailand and marry some order brides. There are a lot of Thai restaurants in Germany and they all serve family style. My favorite is a Thai BBQ beef with basil ginger sauce.

    I hear what you’re saying about Top Chef, but they are a dream compared to Hell’s Kitchen. HK is full of non-cooking losers, psychopaths, crybabies, and plonkers. I used to like Gordon Ramsay, but since HK I cannot stand seeing him.

    The only problem I see with the Jelly belly thing is: who tasted and designed the recipes? I would have quit.

    Great show, I will write more later,

  3. Great rant on Paula Deen, great pictures, great show! Too short, but it will have to do. Agreed about the bacon, though. Bacon goes great with everything, including more bacon.


  4. The Beanie Bots were a huge hit with the kids. Love them or not, Jelly Belly always knows what people want. That’s why they’re as popular as they are.

    Love the bit on thai food. We don’t have many places like that around, but it sounds and looks delicious.

  5. Love Thai food. Though I do find that there is often the same stuff that is served at restaurants. One of my Thai favorites is their green curry and the mango sticky rice. Gotta love the spicy stuff.

    A lot of people in South East Asia like Tiger Beer (from Singapore), not sure if you’ve tried that. I’m not a big fan of beers, so it still tasted the same to me.


  6. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    Des, one of the few Asian beers I have not tried is indeed Tiger. I do see it advertised in a lot of the travel shows I’ve watched, but have never seen it available. If I ever do, I’ll give it a shot. I know it’s very popular.

    Kirk, Hell’s Kitchen is a true nightmare, I totally agree with you. It doesn’t make me respect Ramsay any less – but I have to wonder if these people he finds for his show are Top Chef rejects. They’re horrible to watch. The British Kitchen Nightmares (shown on BBC) is still one of the best food shows on television, even in repeats.

    Fran, the Beanie Bots were exactly what I was thinking. I know they were popular – I just can’t figure out how or why.

    Cheers to all, and thanks again for listening.

  7. Funny show, Phil.

    I know many Vegetarians who eat at a local Thai restaurant a couple of times a week. What’s interesting is that shrimp paste and fish paste are common ingredients in Thai food but I had always assumed if a Thai dish was specifically described as “vegetarian” then it would not contain these ingredients. From what I’ve been hearing recently though it seems that Thai people (and perhaps south east asians in general) have a somewhat flexible definition of what vegetarian means, and that virtually all Thai dishes, “vegetarian” or not, will almost inevitably contain shrimp paste or fish paste.

  8. Another awesome episode. I’ll bullet item my comments since my higher thinking functions haven’t kicked in yet.
    – I laughed my ass off to the bleeping. I agree either have the cussing or not but get rid of the frigging bleeping.
    – I love good Tai food and haven’t had any in a long time.
    – I have never seen any Paula Dean on TV but your rant had my busting a gut. They have a big ass poster of her at the grocery store I’ll take a picture of next time I’m there. Also after listening to this episode I was surprised to see this when making dinner (my wife bought the components).
    – I love good Belgian Beers, which is most of them.
    – Thanks for the awesome Brain Gravy plug.

    Looking forward to the next episode!

  9. Great show… Loved every second of it… The rant on Jelly Belly’s was kinda crazy… I mean… Its a CANDY!!! Its for kids, and more than likely, kids will eat the crap and laugh. You would not have found Ronald Reagan’s jar of jelly beans filled with those. That man knew his beans! (What else he knew or did not know is still the subject of debate!)

    The beeping is comedic and attention getting. We did the Rick Dowland interview and I beeped CHUD out because it was funny… But when I wanted to downplay cursing, I just deleted it, like on our video for the beerfest. You barely notice it. We watch Hell’s Kitchen every week and Chef Ramsey is constantly beeped… I have to believe its a “draw” tactic for casual viewers.

    You should have recorded the dinner in your front pocket like you have done before! Live commentary from the restaurant!

    Once again… GREAT STUFF!!


  10. Great stuff. I’ve never been more hungry then the day I paid $8.00 for a bowl of hot water and some grass at a thai place. I was bitter and angry for a long time after that (not a huge fan of peanut sauce either) – but what keeps me coming back time and again is the thai iced tea. I heard it has NO calories, yet tastes so yummy and makes the skin on your skull tingle. Awesome stuff.

    Gotta agree with all your peeps above that the bleeping segment was funny as shit. I didn’t know they were yelling at each other that way either, no wonder you enjoy these shows! I say put a mature rating on them and screw the beeping. Unlike Groucho, I won’t recite every show we ever did.

    Great photography! Class act all the way, without being pretentious.


  11. Thanks d00d… With your reams of shows… You could have a hefty list! Do you guys cus at all?

    Phil… One thing I forgot to mention… We don’t make “poor” farmer jokes anymore… If you are a poor farmer in these parts… You are doing something terribly wrong! 5 years ago my neighbor was jury-rigging the stalk roller on the corn “head” of his combine. This year… He has a new Caterpillar tractor.

    We all live to serve the rich farmers in these parts!

  12. You guys crack me up. We have a comment war going on – another first for My Life as a Foodie. I think if Rick reminisced about 1/3 of the shows he’s done, it would blow up my blog. And no, Groucho. I’ve only heard cursing on BFH once. Either they show more constraint than we do, or they’re simply good editors. Either way, check out Big Foamy Head and The Beer Report. Brewcasting at it’s absolute finest.

    Thanks Rick for your input on the photography. It’s not great photography, but I’m doing my best when I’m on location. Sometimes the light is better than other times. Sorry you had a bad experience with Thai food. I guess it all depends on what you order.

    Groucho, I hope it didn’t sound like I was actually making a joke that farmers are poor. It’s not a joke, and I take farming seriously. I know many farmers – some do well, and some are struggling. Farming is not something you get into to make big money, especially in this day and age. With the present state of things, Farming is slowly being killed in this country – definitely in my state. Growers here are being forced to compete with those from other countries (especially the Avocado growers, who are being out bid as much as 3 to 1 by Mexican growers) and their water rations have been cut by 1/3. It’s no joke.

    Bubby, that picture of the ham is AWESOME!!! I want it. Please allow me to use that image on this site. I have a sneaking suspicion I will rant on Paula Deen (spelling corrected) at least one more time before this year is up. Glad you enjoyed the bleeping segment as much as I did. I say just curse and get it over with.

    And Paul, thanks for your comments on the Vegan/Thai food situation. I’m not 100% on all of the rules and details that go into what defines a vegan or vegetarian diet. That’s probably why I’ve never tried to be one. I have a hard enough time trying to balance my meals without having to worry about whether or not I can eat something with fish or shrimp paste in it. All I know is that if it tastes good, I’m going to eat it.

    Cheers everyone. Thanks for your comments, and for listening.

  13. Great show, Phil. The top chef clip with the bleeped F words was very funny. I know why they curse so much though. They have to sit around for hours and hours doing nothing half the time. That’s what you don’t see. So they’re super pissed off from that. Throw in the fact that they are drinking up a blue streak, also from being bored. Who wouldn’t curse then?

  14. Another entertaining show! Your the Paula Deen rant (you spelled her name Dean) was spot on my good friend. She looks like a deer caught in headlights whenever they take her picture, and her recipes, while wholesome and home cooked, are deadly. Bacon wrapped this, and deep fried that.

  15. Hey Phil,

    Check out the BBC website. Article talkign about Gordon Ramsay wanting places serving non-seasonal fruits and veggies to be fined. Good message, back spokesperson.

  16. Good message, BAD spokesperson.

    My computer skills are terrible on fridays…..

  17. Another great show. I am learning a ton so far. Thanks for your efforts, and thanks for the props regarding the art. It makes me happy you enjoyed it. Best of luck with everything sir.

  18. Chris, thanks for the article. Ramsey is so dead-on with that. Not sure if they should be fined – that seems steep. But calling them out for using out of season ingredients should bring attention to the whole idea of “carbon footprints” that we talked about a few episodes ago. Awesome stuff – I’ll bring this up on the next show. Thanks again, dude – and GO PENS!!

    Thanks again for listening, Mr. Whiskey. Still loving the latest Brain Gravy. Cannot wait to hear more of that, and see what new art you have to share.

    Cheers! Thanks again to all of you for listening, and commenting. It means a lot to me.

  19. Phil: the pictures are yours to what you will with them.

  20. Thanks again Bubby! That photo is awesome.

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