Episode 19 :: Izakaya and the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

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Join me as I celebrate the show’s 1-year anniversary. Exciting times for me, but not nearly as exciting as it was for one famous Beer Safari podcast when they celebrated their first. There are no parallels. I feel fortunate to have made it this far, and I’m looking forward to the show’s progression.

In this episode:

• Recapping the show’s first year
• Coming Soon: A new local OC brewery “The Bruery”
Port Brewing’s Hop 15
• The Nationwide Tomato Scare (thanks FDA, for doing such a fine job)
• Izakaya style at Oki Doki
• An example of how every podcast’s anniversary should be celebrated
• Gordan Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen video game
• The next great advancement in food advertising
• California farmers pitch in to help feed the poor
• Wii Fit & Major League Eating in the uncomfort of your own home
• Kitchen Gardens

Download Episode 19 here.

Music on this episode: “Shine On” by Afterlife.

Thanks again for your continued support of My Life as a Foodie.


  1. Hey! I am halfway through listening and the whole frigging tomato thing pisses me off. The FDA suck ASS! A couple weeks ago when this was just starting out on your end of the country our local white trash grocery store (so-called “Shoppers”) had plum tomatoes on sale. The selection sucked. These things were mangled, half rotted, cut into etc. The next week nothing. Not a fucking tomato in sight. There I am bitching about the for-shit tomato selection at my for-shit grocery store and it turns out all of it was linked to this salmonella outbreak. The store doesn’t want to tell you. The government doesn’t want to tell you. I just happened to read about McDonalds yanking tomatoes off their menus and had a “AH-FUCKING-HA” moment. There very fact that here in the 21st fucking century the FDA is trouble shooting the problem in the absolutely most clueless manner possible only shows the FDA needs to be shut down, set on fire, burnt to the ground and replaced with a fucking mandate to protect and serve the American consumer. Separate the two functions to start with. Have an agency that handles FOOD. Call it the fucking FOOD AGENCY, might want to include AGRICULTURE in there since they GROW AND PROCESS FOOD. Have another agency and call it the DRUG AGENCY. Then, and here’s where the fucking magic occurs: DO THEIR FUCKING JOB! If food is making people sick and/or killing them, then come up with solutions to PREVENT THE FUCKING PROBLEM. Korea is about to have a civil war over the importation of American beef. Why? The citizens of Korea believe that they will get mad cow disease. Maybe something of that magnitude has to happen here to get some fucking heads to roll and some fucking progress on food safety. If a batch of tomatoes can be spread around the US and make people sick, what if someone with a real desire to hurt people through the food system applied a little effort? In conclusion: Remember the Tylenol scare when someone put Cyanide in Tylenol? There was a real effort on product safety after that. It only took people dieing to get a change in packaging.

    Anyway, good episode so far. Cheers!

  2. Post of the year, if not all time. Awesome Bubby! More F-bombs than Ramsay threw down in the last episode.

    Since I don’t have a +dude rating system on this blog, I will shower you appropriately in the appropriate forum. 😉

    When Shawn brought up how the FDA inspects less than 10% of all produce that is imported from foreign growers, I thought he was exaggerating. Now that their pants are down, I wonder how they can possibly respond to this.

    Thanks again for your post, Bubby.

  3. Jesus bubby… i love you man!

    I cook with tomatoes in 90% of my dishes so this whole situation is chapping my ass. To add to it, on Good Morning America this morning they did an undercover story on how 4 big chain restaurants had contaminated lemons and we were putting them in our water. I’ve never been a fan of this and honestly just bought lemonade if i wanted it. Most of these places came back with basic germs but a quarter t least at fecal matter on them. yeah shit on the lemons that even the restaurants didn’t manage to wipe off.

    The FDA is as big of a joke as the PLCB. We can’t monitor whats going on but we’ll find some way to fuck you over while we cash big checks.

    congrats on 1 year btw Phil. go fuck yourself 🙂


  4. Congrats on the year Phil. I hope you were tongue in cheek about feeling lonely! I love the format of your show – you’re doing a fantastic job. The food porn is simply amazing.

    BuBBy – great freaking rant! That was a joy to read. You wonder how we all survived without federal agencies to inspect everything!? Some of this stuff is way overblown in my mind. The age of in your face media. All fires are local. All floods are local. Everything feels local and immediate. It’s gonna give us all a twitch.

    Phil, I’ll be back in the OC on the 10th and 11th, leaving the 12th I think. Maybe we could hook up at “The Bruery” for a beverage!? I’ll give you my travel plans when I have them. With the airlines delaying flights so much, I’m leary to make firm plans. I really wish Stone was having another anniversary party! I’ve written them, asked Greg Koch and have done web searches, but no news.

  5. Happy Anniversary Phil! Love the show. I have a bottle of “Hop 15” waiting in the wings for a future show. Lost Abbey Lost and Found and something from Angel City are some other ones that will be on a show. I simply love Japanese and Thai food. Do you eat hummus? Beloved Vicki and I have a new appreciation for it. I am not going to comment on the tomato thing since I realize our government/FDA is fucked. We will clink and drink together someday.


  6. Just caught your show the other day and have been listening to a few episodes. Just wanted to say that I enjoy your podcast very much. It’s not your run of the mill podcast about food. You mix some humor and intelligent conversation about serious food issues and it’s refreshing. I like it very much and I’m a new fan. Keep up the great work.

  7. Congratulations on your first year, Phil. I’ve been listening for a while, but never knew you could comment on this site. I really dig the show. Keep it up.

    That tomato scare is nationwide. As the first poster stated it’s an abomination and the FDA sucks.


  8. Thanks guys for your comments, and for the good wishes on my 1-year anniversary. If it wasn’t for the comments here, I wouldn’t know anyone was actually listening, and I wonder how excited I would be about producing more shows. So thank you again – I really appreciate getting the feedback, as always.

    Welcome Dan and Drew – glad to see you here.

    JeffreyT, I love Hummus! It’s one of those approachable vegetarian dishes that’s high on protein when you don’t feel like eating meat. Garbanzo Beans are some of my favorites. I hope to clink-and-drink with you soon.

    Rick, let me know when you know you’ll be out here and I’ll make plans to see you. Dick’s coming out this week. I have family obligations this weekend, but I plan on seeing him next week. I look forward to seeing you here!

    Spoon, that Lemon story is wretched. I’m really astonished that they can be that careless with our food.

    Cheers, everyone!


  9. Phil, if you’re looking for any audio clips for the show open you need to record ‘Road Tasted’ with Paula Deen’s ‘not that theres anything wrong with that’ sons.

    Episode: Wisconsin, skip to about 15 minutes in when they taste the root beer and you’ll know what I mean

  10. Happy Anniversary to you Phil. Great show you have. I enjoy it every time. Very educational and entertaining. The photos look great. I love california rolls. Keep the good times coming.


  11. Been listening for a while and just wanted to say hello, and congratulate you on your show. Very entertaining stuff, lots of variety. Like the music too. The intros are my favorite part.

    The tomato situation sucks. Did they ever find out where the effected tomatoes came from, or was that story buried? It seems they’ve stopped talking about it. Even McDonalds won’t serve them.

    There is a lot of great food out there. Keep up the great work.


  12. Thanks for your comments, guys. Marty, I will DEFINITELY look for that episode of “Road Tested.” I appreciate the tip. Obviously, you get it. 🙂 Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    G-Dub, and Ronnie – welcome. Thanks for your comments as well. I don’t know if the situation with the tomatoes has cleared up or not, but my Farmer’s Market has them available, and they’re starting to turn red in my garden. Seems like the only way to stay safe is to grow your own.

    Cheers, and thanks again for your posts.


  13. Really enjoyed your show. I love Japanese food, especially the california rolls. It all looks delicious (except for the squid).

    Regarding the tomato scare, it’s still going. A few of the fast food chains have started serving tomatoes again. I read yesterday that the count of people made ill by salmonella-tainted tomatoes has jumped to 383. The CDC reported that those people got sick weeks ago but just hadn’t been counted yet. So it’s not really over.

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