Episode 20 :: Japadogs


I was watching Tony Bourdain’s show No Reservations on the Travel Channel recently and when visiting Vancouver he hit this hot dog stand that made these Japanese Hot Dogs. They were marinated in Teriyaki, grilled, then topped with wasabi mayonnaise, shredded nori, and daikon radish.  Looked delicious, so I decided to make them. They may not be the same thing he had, but they sure kick ass.  Make them with me.

In addition:
Oskar Blues• Enjoying Oskar Blue’s Dale’s Pale Ale
• Discussing the Next Food Network Star (and my own culinary point of view)
• A tribute to George Carlin
• Top Chef Season 4 recap
• The FDA fallout from the tomato incident (and cover-up)
• Momofuku Ko and their ban on foodies with cameras
• Rustico Restaurants battle with the ABC and the Virginia state legislature to serve beer as food
• The Maid Cafe – like Hooters, just classier

Listen to this testosterone-laced episode here.

Music by Alice In Chains.  Download it in the iTunes store.


  1. Sorry you weren’t selected to be on Bobby’s show. I haven’t seen the previews, but it might be worth checking out at least once. Have you seen the cookbook for the show? I wonder if the recipes are any good.

    Enjoyed the show. Nice picture.

  2. You made my day when I saw there was a new My Life as a Foodie to listen too. The hotdogs look great and I will probably try them – I am for sure going to make pickles this year as soon as I find some cucumbers that are the right size (that’s what she said.) Serious “Laugh Out Loud” moment when you cut in “I’m so horny” from Full Metal Jacket. Classic movie, classic quote. Good to hear a little politics thrown in – congrats on CA for being progressive and doing the right thing with gay marriages. I’ll even give the democrats plus dude points for saving the beer pops! (you heard it here first!) 🙂 Keep digging on the tomato fiasco – that cost people tons of money, they can’t just “forgetaboutit”.

  3. I listened to this episode on my hacked nintendo DS. It is a good day when a new “My Life as a Foodie” comes out. You mentioned a canned watermelon beer. That machinery came from Warbird Brewery, Ft. Wayne Indiana. Cans did not fly in Indiana. I also listened to comedy albums with headphones on when I was a kid. It was not Carlin but “Cheech and Chong”.

    Phil, make a logo/add 225px wide and I will fly the bitch high on my site.


  4. Phil and I have been bitching about Next Food Network Star since it started. I HATE this season. There is not one decent talent in this season and if you do decide to turn in you have to deal with a drunken Susan Fogelson. But, like all other reality TV trainwrecks, Lushie is sucked in so I get stuck watching. If I have to watch that elitist wanna be Lisa talk about what fucking “adventure” her dish will take you on I’m going to stab someone. She’s a prime example of someone who needs to relax and drink a homebrew. In fact, she reminds me of that high strung chick from Real Genius.

    I love Dale’s. In fact everything from that brewery is fantastic. Personally I love the Old Chub and if you’re gonna drink their Gordon’s IPA I suggest you stick with it on draft.

    Oh man how I love hotdogs and you know that I like to get a little crazy with how I compliment my dogs. I’m absolutely going to give yours a shot. Here is my question, how are you marinating them while holding the shape of the dog while cooking? My experience is that if you poke holes in the casing that the dogs will bust open and split.

    I’m one of those people who like to take pictures of food. I usually do it when I’m cooking myself so i can remember how a dish turned out. When I’m out to eat I usually take pics and post them online but only if I love it. Phil, check out my bright kite feed for the French Onion Soup I had over the weekend.

    Thanks for the love pimping EP39. you’re still a jagoff.

  5. Thanks for your comments, guys. Rick and JeffreyT, your support is always greatly appreciated. Coming from two seasoned veterans, I take it all as an extreme compliment.

    Spoon, glad to have someone to commiserate with in regards to Food Network. I’m all but done, but I’m afraid if I stopped watching, I’d have nothing to bitch about. And now I’m looking for that episode of “Road Tested” that listener Marty mentioned I tune in on (for show fodder). After that, maybe I’ll stop my addiction.

    Unless you’re cooking these dogs on blistering high heat, they won’t blow into pieces. You have to watch the dogs on the grill, and turn them often. The idea is to cook them through, not char the hell out of them. If you cook the dogs too long or too high, and they burn and burst, the subtleness of the teriyaki may very well be lost. But even if your dogs did burst on you, I don’t think that would be a total show stopper. The flavor is key.

    Thanks again for your comments, and for tuning in.


  6. Good stuff. Sorry you didn’t get selected to be on Bobby’s show. Is it too late to vote?

    The maid cafe sounds like my kind of place. What kind of food?

  7. I can understand the photography ban in restaurants. Flash Photography should be banned for sure. It’s very rude. If you don’t know how to work your camera enough to turn off the flash, you shouldn’t be using it. Nothing is more annoying than being in a nice restaurant with a bright flash going off.

  8. I didn’t understand anything other than your last story. Sign me up for that Maid Cafe! And you have piqued my interest in canned craft beer now. I’ll give it a try.

    Happy 4th!


  9. Oskar Blues sounds great, especially for Summer. I will definitely be looking for this beer. The idea of canning beer that is actually GOOD sounds great.

    Loved the show. The hot dogs sound a little strange, but I have to try them now. And thanks for the pickle recipe.


  10. Sounds delicious, Phil. Though I don’t have a real bbq grill. I wonder if this will work on a George Foreman Grill.

    This also reminds me of Egypt when we had cow brain “sausages” in a hot dog like bun. It was interesting.

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