Episode 21 :: Ceviche


My first taste of real Mexican street food made an indelible impression on my attitude towards the cuisine of our neighbors to the South.  It wasn’t the simple carne asada tacos that impressed me as much as it was a simple plastic cup of chilled fish salad, better known as Ceviche. Fresh white fish, cubed and cooked with fresh citrus juice, chopped fresh tomatoes, onion, cilantro, jalapeno, and yellow bell peppers.  To this day, it remains my favorite Mexican dish, and a perfect Summer appetizer.  So I’m celebrating my love affair with this simple cup of fish salad.  Join me as I reminisce about my first trip to Mexico, and my first taste of real Mexican food.

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Also in this episode:
The Lost Abbey – Carnevale Farmhouse Saison
• Emeril Legasse finds a new home on Fine Living Network
• NPR report on the new School Lunch programs in France
• A complete recap of the 2008 Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Championship
• A clip from Mario Batali’s “Unclogged” on how to properly sauce pasta
• SIDT’s ultimate weekend getaway contest – Enter Now!

Music in this episode “Someone Must Get Hurt” by She Wants Revenge.  Get it in the iTunes Store.

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