Episode 24 :: Finger Lickin’ Belgians & Chicken

A few years ago, I saw an episode of The Thirsty Traveler on Fine Living Network on Belgian Beer.  It wasn’t a total beer geek experience for me, but it was magical enough to make me want to seriously consider putting Belgium on my must visit list.  One of the breweries he featured on the show was Brassarie Caracole, in Falmignoul – one of the smallest breweries in all of Belgium. I thought I’d never get a chance to taste their beer without visiting Belgium myself, but I was wrong.  Today we’re enjoying Nostradamus, their Brown Ale, and it’s quite an experience.

In addition, we’re tasting a special beer sent to us by Sick Puppy at East Coast Hoppers in Pittsburgh – a Belgian Abbey Ale, and a fine one at that.  For never brewing a Belgian before, Sick did an excellent job with this beer.  The monks would be proud.

And we couldn’t do a show that didn’t involve food (that would  be a crime, wouldn’t it?).  So, I’m preparing chicken parmesan – a fried chicken cutlet stuffed with parmesan cheese, topped with marinara sauce, mozzarella and basil.  Follow along and prepare it yourself.  It’s a quick and easy Italian classic that everyone will enjoy.

Also in this episode:
• A special trip to The Bruery (but you’ll have to wait)
• Quick and easy stewed tomatoes
• Making basic marinara sauce
Carol Blymire has lost her mind
• New game – “Name That Belgian”
• Fan Mail Box
• Michael Symon’s Dinner:Unreasonable
• CBS picking up Food Network’s scraps?
• Fresh & Easy grocery chain is gaining steam
• A hate-filled tirade on grocery store clerks (down with unions!)

Download Episode 24 here.

Music in this episode by Ulrich Snauss and Coldplay.  Download their songs from the iTunes Store.

Episode 23 :: Orchard White Clams

The move into the new house is complete and it’s time to get back to business.  With Summer on the way out, there’s no better way to see it off than with one of the most impressive Belgian Witbeirs I’ve ever tasted, Orchard White from The Bruery right here in Orange County — Placentia, California.  And to make things even better, we’re steaming a big pot of clams in the beer in the classic French manner.  It’s the perfect pairing, and a good way to get things back on track.

Also in this episode:

• Michael Phelps and his 12,000 calorie-a-day diet
• Bourdain’s show may be jumping the shark
• The Edible School Yard
Veritas Farms
• Taco Trucks (aka “The Roach Coach”)
• A salute to Groucho & CHUD
• Self-Milking Cows
Alinea The Cookbook

Download Episode 23 here.

Music in this episode: “Here to Stay” by New Order.  Download it in the iTunes Store.