Episode 25 :: Hops, but not any longer

When you’re listening to a beer show and it has the word “hops” in the title, it’s a no-brainer that the show’s going to feature an IPA, right?  But see – this is when the food show kicks in.  This show isn’t just about beer – yes, we’re featuring an IPA on the show – it’s about food.  And when you say “hops” I say “Kermit De Frog”, then I eat his chicken-tasting ass.

On this week’s show, Maui Brewing’s Big Swell IPA and pan fried frog’s legs.  There hasn’t been a pairing like this since Bogart and Hepburn.  And to make matters even better, there’s a slideshow for this episode.  I  wish I could say they didn’t taste like chicken, but I’ll damned if they don’t taste like chicken.  Where’s the wing sauce?

Also in this episode:
• Our weekend trip to Sonoma/Napa and Ad Hoc
Andre Ethier’s food blog
• Recap of our trip to The Bruery (complete with tasting notes)
• PETA wins MLaaF points for going undercover at an Iowa pig farm
• New documentary – Food, Inc.
• PETA loses MLaaF points for recommending that Ben & Jerry use breast milk
• Could the current economy mean the return of Offal?

Listen to Episode 25 now.

Dispelling the rumors that I’ve gotten lazy, I’ve made a slide show for this episode. Watch it here.

Music in this episode by The Crystal Method. Download it from the iTunes Store.