Episode 25 :: Hops, but not any longer

When you’re listening to a beer show and it has the word “hops” in the title, it’s a no-brainer that the show’s going to feature an IPA, right?  But see – this is when the food show kicks in.  This show isn’t just about beer – yes, we’re featuring an IPA on the show – it’s about food.  And when you say “hops” I say “Kermit De Frog”, then I eat his chicken-tasting ass.

On this week’s show, Maui Brewing’s Big Swell IPA and pan fried frog’s legs.  There hasn’t been a pairing like this since Bogart and Hepburn.  And to make matters even better, there’s a slideshow for this episode.  I  wish I could say they didn’t taste like chicken, but I’ll damned if they don’t taste like chicken.  Where’s the wing sauce?

Also in this episode:
• Our weekend trip to Sonoma/Napa and Ad Hoc
Andre Ethier’s food blog
• Recap of our trip to The Bruery (complete with tasting notes)
• PETA wins MLaaF points for going undercover at an Iowa pig farm
• New documentary – Food, Inc.
• PETA loses MLaaF points for recommending that Ben & Jerry use breast milk
• Could the current economy mean the return of Offal?

Listen to Episode 25 now.

Dispelling the rumors that I’ve gotten lazy, I’ve made a slide show for this episode. Watch it here.

Music in this episode by The Crystal Method. Download it from the iTunes Store.


  1. Another great show… I agree that PETA is still nuts but the whole pig abuse thing… yeah thats not good…

  2. You just eat the legs? What do you do with the heads? They are the best part. A delicacy in Indiana.

  3. There’s extreme eating, then there’s that. Love the legs, though. Thanks for listening, guys!

  4. Thanks for the mentions Phil! Great show, as always! I’m going to have to be brave and try frogs legs soon.

    The beer you didn’t remember (the hoppy one) is Humulus Bruin. When we brewed our Imperial Stout, we found that we had a ton of sugars left over in the mash, so we brewed a second beer from the same mash. We hopped it delicately at the start of boil to give it a low bitterness, and then used a large quantity of hops in the whirlpool (on the hot side, to give it hop flavor / aroma) and in the fermenter as dry hops (on the cold side, to give it mostly aroma and some hop flavor). We added molasses and some inverted sugar as well. It’s 6.9%, 25 IBU, and hopped as a Double IPA would be, except for the bittering hops. Sort of a one-off deal, unless people ask for more in a few months. Keep an eye out for Humulus Gold, though!

    Keep up the great work, Phil!

  5. Phil you always manage to make all of your food look good. I have no desire to eat frogs legs, but I must tell you they look very tasty on that plate.

    I’ll be in your neck of the woods in a few weeks (Alhambra). I’m definitely going to look for Bruery beer while I’m there. It sounds very good and you really seem into it. Any chance of meeting while I’m there? I’ll be there a few days, over a weekend.

    Great show. Keep them coming.


  6. Patrick, thanks for the clarification on Humulus Bruin. It was the one taster I did not take notes on and knew I’d screw it up. It was an incredible beer, and totally shows off your talent as a brewer. Thanks for listening and for commenting so quickly as well. 🙂 Good luck at the GABF. I’m sure you’ll WOW them.

    Bill, I have your email address. I’ll email you and we’ll see when we might be able to hook up. Do you have specific dates that you know you’ll be here? Thanks for your compliments on the picture. They really are delicious – nothing to be afraid of. Tastes like chicken.

    And do try to find beers from The Bruery. There should be a place close to where you’ll be that will carry them. Here’s a distribution list:

  7. Phil, another great show! I always smile when I see the email come in that another MLaaF is posted.

    I had frog legs as a kid and remember them tasting like chicken. Great novelty, but not something I’d go out of my way for. Nor would I turn them down if offered!

    Man, it disgusts me when people mistreat animals. Really one of the few things I could go ballistic over. I hope those bastards spend some time in jail or get penalized a lot – like losing their jobs and not being rehired to work around animals. Good job for PeTA. On human breast milk ice cream – it should taste the same as other ice cream, but it’d be 100% more expensive. See comments above on Frog Legs.

    I think I know what you were alluding to with Rick Sellers, but you have my curiosity piqued. Hopefully I used that word correctly (http://www.bartleby.com/68/86/4486.html)

    You made my freaking day when you said The Bruery would be here for the GABF!! One of my first stops. Patrick – have something ready for me, I’ll be thirsty.

    Great show.

  8. Thanks for the shoutout – loved the episode. 🙂

    Anytime I see something weird, I’m sending it your way!

  9. My first comment I did not listen to the show. While swiffing 2000 square feet of solid ash flooring I listened. I like the opening music segment. I was actually mixing together a FFF Alpha King and a Gumballhead at the exact moment when you mentioned how the brewer likes to mix beers. (freaky) I have only had Berliner Weiss on 2 occasions, once at FFF in Munster with the syrups and Festina Peche from DFH. I love sour beers.

    I will not watch Animal Planet when any hurt animals are on there. So the PETA undercover thing really pissed me off.

    Your using lower grade cuts of meat segment kind strikes home when I make hamburgers on the grill. Screw the ground round and the ground chuck and the lower fat hamburger. I go for the most fat content. They make much better burgers.


  10. Hey Phil, love the frog legs. Growing up in Kentucky I ate my share of frog legs. I don’t know if it was the hunting or the eating we liked the best. The way my Dad used to cook them was to dip them in a corn meal batter and fry them. They were so good, tasted kind of like a cross between fish and chicken. I had frog legs in a sea food restaurant in NY once, they fried them with butter and garlic, kind of a frog leg scampi. That was also very tasty.

  11. Rick, it’s always great to read your posts. That one made me laugh. “See commens above about frogs legs.” You’re a funny man. I hope you’re able to get to the Bruery booth at the GABF. I’m sure you’ll dig their beers.

    Jess, thanks again for that article. It was very funny and provided good material for me. PETA’s full of loony birds, but they always manage to make the news don’t they?

    JeffreyT, you’re great support – thanks. Agreed on fattier cuts of meat for hamburgers – you’re dead on. The more fat they have, the better the flavor, and texture. Solid ash flooring – that must be awesome.

    And Michelle, thanks for your post as well. Very few people (outside of JeffreyT) have even said they eat frogs legs. They’re incredible, I think. But I wouldn’t eat the heads, even if they were the best part. 🙂 Thanks for the story about your dad. It must have been a good time. Sounds like it.

    Cheers and thanks again to everyone for listening, and commenting.


  12. Hey Phil, great show! You know how I feel about PETA so I digress, if and when I make it out to CA I must make a pit stop at The Bruery! I actually grew up eating frogs legs as well but I haven’t in years, might have to change that soon! Thanks again Phil!

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