Episode 27 :: A Foodie Halloween

I promised you a haunting episode, and here it is – A Foodie Halloween. Today, we’re drinking my favorite IPA of all time – Russian River Brewing’s Pliny The Elder.  We’re also making the freshest tasting and easiest to make dish ever: Blood of Dracula Soup (cold beet soup).  It’s a dish so easy, even a dead man can make it.  There’s a discussion of Community Supported Agriculture programs, and I share my experiences of living with a real (friendly) ghost.

But the main event, what you’re all tuning in for, is the Horror Movie Quote game.  I play 21 quotes from multiple horror movies and you guess the names of the movies.  Email your answers to zerofaceproject (at) yahoo.com.  Be the first to get all 21 correct, and you will win a bottle of Autumn Maple from The Bruery, the perfect Fall beer made with yams and love.  Contest ends November 6th.  If no one has answered all 21 correctly by then, I will declare the first person to send me the most answers correct the winner.  Check the comments section of this episode for details and updates.

UPDATE 11/7: The contest is officially over. Congratulations to listener Jessica, who got 19 of 21 correct. Enjoy the bottle of Autumn Maple, Jessica!

Download A Foodie Halloween here.

To see pictures from this episode, check out the Zeroface photo blog.

Music Credits:
Draining Faces by Skinny Puppy
Epilogue by Skinny Puppy
Movie 13 by Doubting Thomas
F862 by Doubting Thomas
Stuck In The Mud by Rob Zombie
To the House by Rob Zombie
Munsters Theme by Los Straitjackets
Halloween (she gets so mean) by Rob Zombie
Suck Pump by Bile

Additional music from Agony Before Death’s forthcoming album “Rain Check Policy” (a zeroface project)

And just for fun, The Exorcist in 30 seconds.

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Happy Halloween!