Episode 28 :: Tomato Harvest

Now that Fall’s in full gear, the tomato season is winding down to a close.  No better time than now to make the classic Italian Caprese Salad, but with a twist.  We roast the tomatoes with a little olive oil and sea salt, and serve them over fresh mozzarella.  Roasting them brings out the inherent sweetness of the tomatoes, making them a perfect compliment to the cheese.  View step-by-step photos at http://zerofaceproject.blogspot.com

Also in this episode:
• Congratulations to Jessica, winner of our Halloween Horror Movie Quote Game
• Proposition 2 passes in California, changing the treatment of farm animals
• An open letter about the state of our food from David Chang
Double Wide IPA from Boulevard Brewing (courtesy of Groucho @ The Beer Report)
• Two reports concerning food exports from China, and the hazards that continue (courtesy of CNN)
• Jamie Oliver’s Fowl Dinners – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCBtkVSk3OU
Hop Juice from Left Coast Brewing
• Top Chef Season 5 debuts this week
• Alton Brown on how food relates to race & class (courtesy of Serious Eats)

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