Episode 29 :: A Winter Warmer

A Winter Warmer

As the end of the year draws near, I wanted to not only thank everyone who’s listened and supported the show this year, but to ask all of you to think about those who have fallen on harder times than those of us who are still floating in this unstable economy. The surplus at your local food bank is more than likely running lower than normal, so if you can, visit feedingamerica.org to locate the bank nearest you and make a donation to help those who desperately need our help. As we approach Christmas, we should be reminded that gifts and presents are a mere luxury, but food is a necessity and it would be short sighted of this show to ever forget that.

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In this episode:
• Trader Joe’s 2008 Vintage Ale from Unibroue
• Pumpkin Creme Brulee
• Chinese restaurants earn their Michelin stars
• The documentary Food, Inc. gets a distributor
• Top Chef Season 5 recap
• Beer Safari Christmas Exchange Video (coming soon)
• Burger King’s Whopper Virgins
• PETA’s synthetic meat challenge

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Music in this episode from Leftfield and Babble

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