Episode 30 :: A New Beginning

A New Beginning

The birth of a new year always brings hope of new things, and certainly new beginnings. In this episode, we dismiss 2008 as a distant memory, discuss all of the exciting things that happened over Christmas (including some new food revelations of my own), a great new food blogger that I’ve started following, my first foray into the world of making Ice Cream, new things to look for on the show this Spring, and a whole lot more. We’ll discuss the keys to making authentic Cassoulet, and drink a great beer courtesy of our friend Scott.

In this episode:

• What I got for Christmas (more than you, I’ll tell you that)
• Ice Cream in December – total comfort food
• Exciting new shows ahead, including a visit from HogDawg
• Berliner Weiss from New Glarus (thanks Scott!)
• The key ingredients to making Duck Confit, and authentic Cassoulet
• Burger King’s FLAME body spray
• The hairy crab – China’s economic barometer
• The Parmigiano-Reggiano industry bail out
• Jo at “My Last Bite” is perhaps the coolest and kindest person in the entire blogesphere (visit her two blogs My Last Bite and Food Whores)
• Diving head first into Molecular Gastronomy . . . excuse me, “Cooking”
• A bacon lovers wet dream
• YELP is actually a big waste of time

Download Episode 30 here.

Music in this episode from Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Andian.

Happy New Year, kids. Here’s to great things!