Episode 31 :: Brazilian


It took 31 episodes, but I finally managed to get Don (better known as HogDawg) from Dude Night on the show with me. We drink a bottle of home brewed Cherry Wheat Ale from Groucho & CHUD at The Beer Report (followed by 3 bottles of more strong ale), discuss the problems with the FDA, Food Network’s new show “Chopped”, and what food in Brazil is really like. If you’ve ever wondered what I sound like on 4 bottles of strong beer, this is your show. The slurring is not outdone by the F-bomb count, so beware. It’s Dude Night meets My Life as a Foodie.

In this episode:
• “Broken Cherry Wheat Ale” from Groucho & CHUD at The Beer Report
• Whistle blowers at the FDA contact the Obama transition team
• “American produce VS the world’s produce” according to Don
• To no one’s surprise, Food Network’s new show “Chopped” is a steaming pile
• Brazilian food
• Beef Jerky at home – quick, easy, simple, and the best Super Bowl Party snack

Download episode 31 here.

Music in this episode by Intermix and Lovetronic. Download “You are love” in the iTunes store.