Episode 31 :: Brazilian


It took 31 episodes, but I finally managed to get Don (better known as HogDawg) from Dude Night on the show with me. We drink a bottle of home brewed Cherry Wheat Ale from Groucho & CHUD at The Beer Report (followed by 3 bottles of more strong ale), discuss the problems with the FDA, Food Network’s new show “Chopped”, and what food in Brazil is really like. If you’ve ever wondered what I sound like on 4 bottles of strong beer, this is your show. The slurring is not outdone by the F-bomb count, so beware. It’s Dude Night meets My Life as a Foodie.

In this episode:
• “Broken Cherry Wheat Ale” from Groucho & CHUD at The Beer Report
• Whistle blowers at the FDA contact the Obama transition team
• “American produce VS the world’s produce” according to Don
• To no one’s surprise, Food Network’s new show “Chopped” is a steaming pile
• Brazilian food
• Beef Jerky at home – quick, easy, simple, and the best Super Bowl Party snack

Download episode 31 here.

Music in this episode by Intermix and Lovetronic. Download “You are love” in the iTunes store.


  1. Great to hear from Don!!! It makes me want to head to Brazil for some food… Cheers!!!

  2. Great to hear Don back on for a show! I’ve been wanting to make some venison jerky for a while now, thanks for the motivation. I can definitely respect the cherry beer but probably would not like it! (you know me & fruity beers!)

    It’s a shame about the FDA but when is the last time you saw the gov’t handle anything correctly?

    Brazil sounds awesome in regards to food, great story Don!

  3. wow Don lives! *sniff* it was like Dude Night all over again!

    More power to you for drinking anything CHUD and Groucho have sitting for that long of time. You could probably run a tractor off of it.

  4. So this is what Dude Night was all about! Great show, guys. Really sounds like you guys had fun together in studio. Brazil sounds like an interesting place, but I wouldn’t want to paint it.

    Never watched the show Chopped, but you want a show that sucks watch Man VS Food. He’s a tool, for real.

    More dude night!


  5. Glad you liked the beer!!! I’ve been catching up on the last few episodes while doing some work and your shows are always great. Keep it up. Great to hear you Hawgdawg!!!

  6. Great to hear you and Don together again. He accomplished something – for the first time ever, I would consider going to Brazil for vacation! I’ve always thought Chile would be nice but haven’t thought much about other south american countries. The food sounds simple and delicious. Nice outro music too.

  7. Loved the latest. Great to hear HogDog again!!! Keep ’em coming, me and the boy are enjoying each and every episode.

  8. Like everyone said, great to hear HogDawg back on the show with you. I’m just getting caught up on all my podcast listening and this was one of the first on my list. Good to hear you together again. It wasn’t Dude Night but it was close.

    Fruit beers are not my thing, but I am a big fan of beef jerky. When it comes to food it’s bacon, beef jerky, then whatever else.

  9. Thanks for your comments guys. I appreciate you listening and commenting. It was nice to have Don back here and talk about something we’re both passionate about – food.

    Sorry for the overindulgence of beer on the show, and the subsequent slurring and liberal dropping of F-bombs. I considered editing the hell out of it, but I said to hell with it and I hope you all understand.

    I’ll share some pics and techniques on making authentic beef jerky at home in an upcoming post. Maybe too late for the Super Bowl, but it’s a good snack to have in your back of tricks for any party, event, etc.

  10. Hey there Phil, excellent podcast man – I caught the Brazilian episode and then decided to start way back at the beginning – now I’m working my way up episode by episode to present day. Great stuff – keep doing what you do. And keep ragging on the Food Network – they deserve it. Cheers!

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