Episode 32 :: Love & Food

Love & Food

Let’s face facts here – Valentines Day is for rookies and amateurs. You’re not really going to try to make reservations, are you? Seriously? If you’re in the early years of your relationship, sure – do what you’ve gotta do. But the true connection between love and food goes a lot deeper than reservations at a “romantic” restaurant. And really, how much romance is there in a crowded restaurant next Saturday anyway? Even the darkest corner of that sneaky hideaway does not equal romance, my friends.

No, the true balance of love and food is in your kitchen, and that’s the topic of the day. Feeding someone you love makes a true connection between food and love because feeding someone you love makes them feel loved by you, which then leads to the real bottom line. And for all intents and purposes, there’s a very good reason to get good in the kitchen.

Are you following me here?

In this episode:

• Bourdain and Batali on Food & Sex
• The real reason why we’re all sick and allergic to pretty much everything – processed food
• “Watersgate” – Bourdain throws the gloves down on Alice Waters
• Burger King is reaping the benefits of our economic downslide
• Prosciutto in Iowa? Oh Hell yeah!
• Top Chef Season 5 update
• Season 6 of No Reservations, and why I’ve all but lost interest
• Jose Andres’ “Made In Spain” and a connection to Dracula (in good fun, of course)

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