episode 33 :: molecular

episode 33 :: molecular

After attending the long-anticipated Molecular Gastronomy class at Sur La Table in Los Angeles, taught by Michael Young, Executive Chef of Domenico Ristorante I came back feeling super-charged, inspired, and with a far clearer understanding than I anticipated I’d leave with.

The question became “Are you a craftsman, or are you an artist?” Not an easy question to answer. I’d like to think I’m a little of both, but I really can’t be sure.

In this episode:
• Molecular Gastronomy Class recap
• An Oscar Watch party not to be forgotten
• Afaf, my new friend who opened my eyes to the wonderful food of Syria
• Top Chef Season 5 Recap, complete with audio and spoilers (go home, Casey)
• BREAKING NEWS: Albert Adria leaves El Bulli
• Coming on MLaaF, something to either turn your head, or your stomach

Listen to episode 33 :: molecular here

Hey, I started a molecular cookbook! Download recipes from this episode here, and start making your own molecular treats at home. (recipes courtesy of Chef Michael Young)

Also, Jo from My Last Bite took a ton of pictures at the class, so we made a slideshow. Enjoy:

Le Sanctuaire
My Last Bite
Alinea at Home
Sur La Table

Special thanks to Jo, Peter, and Cody for an exceptional day full of food and adventure, and to my new friends Afaf and Ray for bringing the world of Syrian Cuisine to the forefront of my mind.

So my final question to all of you is this: Are you an artist, or a craftsman?