episode 34 :: bacon does not grow on trees

episode 34

Today, we’re discussing life (and death) on the farm, and the truth about what must happen to those cute little farm animals in order for us to eat them. Some of you may find it difficult, but it’s necessary and a reminder of how important it is to stay in touch with farm-to-table eating.

We start with a great “bedtime” foodie story from Bon Appetit Magazine, read to you by your dearest Uncle Phillie (complete with bedtime soundtrack music, so grab your bankie).

Later, we finish with an audio recap of an episode of Gordon Ramsey’s show “The F Word” where he takes two pigs that he’s been raising in his back yard all season for slaughter.

How’s that for incongruity?

Listen to episode 34 here.

In this episode:
• “The Road To River Cottage” by Hugh Garvey (courtesy of Bon Appetit)
“The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009” is the end to Farmers Markets
• Food Magazines – which do you read?
• Kobe Beef in the US? Nope! Wagyu, and why it’s next best thing.
• Gordon Ramsey’s “The F Word” – possibly the best food show on television.

Music in this episode by Seether and Tipper. Download these songs in the iTunes store for 99 cents each.