episode 35 :: viva la revolution


I have been to the top of mountain of Southern California restaurants and it is none other than The Bazaar by Jose Andres. In this episode, I describe what is, without question, one of the most exciting meals of my life (thanks to Peter and Jo at My Last Bite). It’s traditional Spanish Tapas meets modern day molecular cooking. Complete with a report from FOX 11 News, I will do my best to bring my experience at The Bazaar to you.

The President and First Lady are already working toward making fresh food a priority for our country – a broad step in the right direction, and the beginning of a new food revolution. Finally, my addiction to duck and goose liver leads me to pit James Bond against Anthony Bourdain in the ultimate Fois Gras battle.

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In this episode:
• Anthony Bourdain sheds his angst and writes a poetic letter to his new BFF – Rachael Ray
• A blow-by-blow of our recent trip to Jose Andres’ “The Bazaar”
• President Obama elects a new head of the FDA
• First Lady Michelle Obama breaks ground on the new White House vegetable garden
• Signs of a new food revolution upsets Sir Michael Ruhlman
• James Bond and Tony Bourdain in the ultimate fois gras smackdown

Music in this episode by Saliva. Download the song in the iTunes store.


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