episode 36 :: what is a foodie anyway?


It’s a good question, actually. And I get it a lot. So I’m going to do my best to answer it. And in this relatively short weekend episode I pose the question to you. Are you a foodie, or are you an eater? Listen and find out just where you stand.

Paula Deen is out to kill anyone who watches her show or follows her recipes. And if you don’t believe me, I have further audio proof. Again, the difference between a foodie and an eater – or a hillbilly for that matter.

And our dearest Padma, cashing in on her celebrity, has really taken a leap off the deep end. Doesn’t make us love her any less, but a collective WTF is in order when you hear what she’s done now.

Listen to episode 36 now and find out exactly what a foodie really is.

Music in this episode by P.O.D. Download their song in the iTunes store.

Short, snarky, and sweet, I extend my thanks to all of you for your continued support of My Life as a Foodie.


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