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Before Americans started working their magic with the hot dog, the hamburger, and (gasp) macaroni and cheese, Syrians have been developing some of the most innovative food on earth. Heavily dependent on fresh ingredients (especially vegetables), Syrians are very particular about what goes into their food.  One ingredient that goes into their food that is undeniable however, is love.

Recently we were invited to dinner at the home of our new friends Ray & Afaf.  To call it dinner was an understatement.  I was overwhelmed with not only the quantity of dishes Afaf had prepared, but the quality as well.  Perfectly grilled kebabs, dips, fresh and cooked salads, meat, meat, and more meat — it was food overdrive.

In this week’s episode, I share my culinary experience with you.  I’m sure I didn’t nearly do it justice, and I more than likely disfigured the pronunciation of each dish (please forgive me).  But I can tell you it was a meal I will not soon forget.

In this episode:
• Dinner at the home of our newest food blogging sensation – Afaf
• McDonald’s finally did it.  They made Japan fat.
• In defense of Andrew Zimmern
• Duck bacon?  There’s only one bacon, and it comes from a pig.
• meatcards.com
Sean Paxton the home brew chef — perhaps the culinary world’s best kept secret
• Julie & Julia, coming this August

Listen to Episode 37 here.

Don’t forget to check out Afaf’s new blog Simply Heaven at www.simplyheavenfood.com

Music in this episode from Fila Brazillia.  If you like it, buy the song from Amazon.com. 89 cents and worth every single penny.


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