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I understand.  I really do.  Fried food is bad for me.  But I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a little fat get in my way of enjoying a good fish fry every now and then.  In this episode, we’re experimenting with Trisol, a wheat starch-based additive from Albert & Ferran Adria’s “Surprises” collection.  Jo gave me nearly a pound of this stuff to experiment with, and the results were amazing.

When mixed with all purpose flour, Trisol becomes the perfect coating for deep frying.  The magic of Trisol is its ability to not retain a lot of the oil you fry your food in.  The result is not only incredibly crispy fried food, but non-oily as well.  It’s safe to say that, while frying food is inherently unhealthy, this is the healthiest way to go about doing it.

I thought it would only be fitting that the beer I’d pair with this also has Ferran Adria’s stamp on it.  Inedit is a Witbier made by Damm, a Spanish brewery.  It’s the first beer specifically created to accompany food. It was created by Damm brewmasters  and by Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler and El Bulli’s sommeliers’ team.

Listen to Episode 38 now.

In this episode:
• No one likes a cheater
• Frying with Trisol
Estrella Damm Inedit
• Michael Pollan on The Colbert Report
• Negative feedback on Molecular Gastronomy
• Remembering Dom DeLouise
• My Life as a Foodie’s 2nd Anniversary, June 10th
• Paula Deen annoys my wife
• Does race matter with sushi chefs?

Music in this episode from Filter. Download the song from the iTunes store.

For more information on cooking with Trisol, check out Jo’s post at mylastbite.com


  1. Fun to see a show just pop up like that when I wasn’t expecting it. Great fun, and very interesting topic.

    I don’t do a lott of deep frying, but I like to use Grapeseed oil whenever I can because it has a very high smoke point, it’s very light and unlike olive oil it doesn’t impart a taste to the foods you’re cooking it in.

    Your show has been on for 2 years now? I’ve been listening for a while, but didn’t know it had been that long. Congratulations and keep the shows coming. They’re very entertaining.

  2. Hey Phil, loved the intro. Iron Chef was always so over the top in their descriptions of each dish. It always keeps me laughing.

    Loved Pollan on Stephen Colbert’s show too. Didn’t know he was on. Was this recent? Also interesting about the frying technique. I will have to check out the other blog and read up on that. Your picture was great.

  3. Phil! I absolutely love this!! It’s a must try for me.
    Congrats! “Two years of awesome show”.

  4. Another great show Phil – luv the Paula Deen bashing and your wife’s turning magazines with her on them around. I thought I was the only one who did that… also like the site redesign. Very cool. Congrats on that. And who doesn’t like fried food? I have yet to read Jo’s post but I will – want to know more. Final question: What’s that cool song playing over your intro and exit on the podcast??

  5. LOL! I loved the Paula Deen bit. That’s funny as hell, and now I’m going to start doing it. I think she’s got her own magazine. If she doesn’t, she’s on the cover of something every month.

    Sorry about Manny. Didn’t know you were a Dodger fan either. They’re good this year even without him anyway. Perfect segue into the frying segment, and I loved the intro (again).


  6. Thanks for your comments, everybody!

    Charles, the song is called The Only Way (is the wrong way) by Filter. You can download it from the iTunes store for 99 cents if you really like it.

    Bill, interesting to hear about grapeseed oil. I have never fried in it. I didn’t know much about it’s smoke point either. I don’t see it often, but when I do, it’s somewhat expensive. Thanks for the info.

  7. Thanks Phil! I’m going to download it – great song. I can’t do it so much where I live now ’cause it’s a very thin-walled condo but when I can I like to play my iPod real loud when I’m in the kitchen cooking – kind of like the surgeons always do on those silly medical TV shows (does that really go on in real ORs?) This is a perfect song for the Kitchen Play List. Anyone else like to do this? What music?

  8. Charles, that’s really fun. I’d be interested in knowing that myself. I like things mellow when I’m cooking, so if I do play music it’s on low volume and it’s usually jazz or ambient – never rock. But when I’m doing dishes, bring out the metal!

  9. Sorry, not done with show yet, but need to comment on cheese limits. I recently went to Squeeze Inn in Sacramento where I was treated to something wholly unnatural, a burger with more cheese than I’ve ever seen in any meal, leading to a post-meal coma of sorts. If you’ve not seen the pictures of their burgers on Food Network (forget who went there recently), check this out.


  10. Phil, great show, congrats on the 2yrs. You put out a quality product and I know your numbers will grow with the years.
    First thing, poor Manny but he did it to himself, my Cards got their ace back in Carpenter and he looked good in his first outing.
    I really liked the oil information and for the last year I have been trying to eat things without the corn syrup.
    I was a big fan of DeLouise, he will be missed.
    I have had enough of Paula Dean but my wife loves her. We ate at her buffet in Tunica MS and the foods were seasoned much more than the average casino food.

    Prost my friend !!


  11. Rick, those burgers look brutal. All of that cheese! Oh man – so wrong, yet so . . . wrong!!! I would be riddled with guilt if I ate one of those.

    Mike, you’re funny man. I’ve heard that Paula Deen does love her seasonings. Why not just salt the hell out of everything? When you cook everything in fat, wrap it all in bacon and smother it in cheese, what’s a little sodium overload going to do? Thanks for commiserating with me, regarding Manny. Your cards are good every year. I think you’re in good shape.

    Thanks again for listening, and for your comments!

  12. Fascinating information on frying the healthy way, Phil. I always learn something new on your show. Congratulations on the two years!

  13. phil, great show, i missed the phil-rants. great tribute to deluise.

    i’m liking the photography and the website. the new logo/sculpture is BADASS!

    the more you hear from molecular cooks/chefs, the more you understand it as art. like andreas said, it’s to open your senses—defy expectations! so many of us (well, not us foodies (: ) just expect we always know what something will taste like, without tasting it. that burger from kentucky will taste the same as the one in maine, and that’s so f-ing sad. how andreas and adria speak of tasting each individual part of a VEGETABLE from different places! that’s the foodie creedo, man, no matter if you’re using julia child’s book or heston blumenthal’s book, it doesn’t matter, it’s all about really experiencing your food.

    looking forward to season 3!

  14. Hey Phil,

    Love the show! Still haven’t found that Estrella Damm Inedit; if you know where I can get it …

  15. […] crust itself was OK, but not as crunchy as I thought it might be.  After having experimented with Trisol, I’m kind of spoiled in that regard.  Nothing will ever be crunchier than that.  Overall, […]

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