episode 39 :: the last supper


Two years ago today, I left the Man Show of podcasts behind and started my journey as a food blogger/podcaster. I was uncertain of the show’s future, where it would go, and how long I’d be doing it. I’m happy to say that 38 episodes later, I have even more energy for it than I did that day, and would feel a massive void if I no longer had it.

To celebrate the show’s anniversary, I’ve asked my friends at The Beer Safari to join me in a game of “My Last Supper”, a round-table discussion that professional chefs like to play. I posed the question to all of them: “If you knew you were going to die at midnight, and could have any last meal of your choice, no matter what it was that you wanted, what would you have? And what would you choose to drink with it?”

And I pose the very same question to you, in the hope that you will participate. What would be your last supper? There are no rules, no limits. Just you and your last meal. Please comment in the comments section of this post and let us all know what your last supper would be.

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Also in this episode:
alligator_cajun• All-new segment “Eat it, before it eats you!” featuring alligator in a cajun gravy
• Abita’s Andygator dopplebock (courtesy of Mike at Big Foamy Head)
• The Bruery’s 1st Anniversary
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• According to the makers of Pringles, they’re not really potato chips! Who knew?
• Food, Inc. opens in NYC and LA this Friday. Buy tickets now!
• The New Orleans restaurant scene is as competitive as ever

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My Last Supper
Buy “My Last Supper” on amazon.com and flip to page 18 for the most disturbing picture of Anthony Bourdain ever.

Special thanks to:

Rick from Pacific Brew News
Doug at Hump Day Happiness/SIDT
Big Foamy Head
Brain Gravy
Groucho @ The Beer Report

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