episode 39 :: the last supper


Two years ago today, I left the Man Show of podcasts behind and started my journey as a food blogger/podcaster. I was uncertain of the show’s future, where it would go, and how long I’d be doing it. I’m happy to say that 38 episodes later, I have even more energy for it than I did that day, and would feel a massive void if I no longer had it.

To celebrate the show’s anniversary, I’ve asked my friends at The Beer Safari to join me in a game of “My Last Supper”, a round-table discussion that professional chefs like to play. I posed the question to all of them: “If you knew you were going to die at midnight, and could have any last meal of your choice, no matter what it was that you wanted, what would you have? And what would you choose to drink with it?”

And I pose the very same question to you, in the hope that you will participate. What would be your last supper? There are no rules, no limits. Just you and your last meal. Please comment in the comments section of this post and let us all know what your last supper would be.

Listen to Episode 39 now, and join the launch of Season 3 of My Life as a Foodie.

Also in this episode:
alligator_cajun• All-new segment “Eat it, before it eats you!” featuring alligator in a cajun gravy
• Abita’s Andygator dopplebock (courtesy of Mike at Big Foamy Head)
• The Bruery’s 1st Anniversary
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• According to the makers of Pringles, they’re not really potato chips! Who knew?
• Food, Inc. opens in NYC and LA this Friday. Buy tickets now!
• The New Orleans restaurant scene is as competitive as ever

Music from this episode by Marilyn Manson. Buy it in the iTunes store for 99 cents.

My Last Supper
Buy “My Last Supper” on amazon.com and flip to page 18 for the most disturbing picture of Anthony Bourdain ever.

Special thanks to:

Rick from Pacific Brew News
Doug at Hump Day Happiness/SIDT
Big Foamy Head
Brain Gravy
Groucho @ The Beer Report

Thanks for making the launch of Season 3 of MLaaF possible!


  1. Don’t think that I wasnt in pain editing that Neeley’s clip for you. I’d hang out with the dude anytime but his wife makes me want to stab my ears.

    Well you have my last supper already on the show but if i was going for a serious meal I would ask to cook it because honestly, I don’t need a random person fucking up my meal. I would have a 2lb ribeye in a coffee rub (rare of course), a monsterous size bowl of my Aunt Lisa’s mac n cheese, Lushie’s mashed taters and to drink a growler of Southern Tier’s Gemini Unfiltered. I’m not going for what goes well together, i want my 4 favorite things.

    I am NOT going to let Lushie know about the Paula Deen cruise. Sandra Lee on the other hand… yeowza! her in a bikini plus my Last Supper and I am ready to kick it.

    I think Gambler wins for best meal

    • Spoon, your last meal made me a bit weak in the stomach. Last meal or not, that was brutal. Thanks for participating, and for the good laugh. 😀

      I do like your second meal choice, however. You can never go wrong with a big rib eye with mashed potatoes.

      And thanks for the intro material. Better you than me with the Neely’s. The fact that you had to edit that leads me to believe that you’re a better friend to me than I am to you.

  2. Great show, Phil. Congratulations on the two years.

    My last meal would start with a whole plate of fried calamari with a spicy dipping sauce, followed by a whole duck, glazed in orange sauce. I’d want some french fries, and chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. To drink, a nice big stein of Oktoberfest.

    That’s my last meal. Fun show. Wishing you many more to come.


    • Thanks Andy, and thank you for your continued support of the show. I love your last meal. That’s genuine comfort. Not sure I could polish a whole duck by myself, but what the hell – last meal, so go for it!

  3. Another great show Phil! Keep it up, I can already hear the 10th anniversary show.

    • Thanks for your participation, Scott. The toro nigiri floored me.

  4. I am soooo glad that Jeff Meyer of Good Beer Show turned me on to your show. Love its style and content. That guy from–was it Beer Safari?–with the butter wrapped in dough and then fried; hilarious. Reminds me of that SNL “Taco Town” skit: http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/video/clips/taco-town/229053/

    My last meal? Don’t tell my current boyfriend, but my ex-boyfriend’s mother was from Damascus, and she made the best Syrian, Lebanese and Haitian food. I’d eat anything she cooked with wanton abandon, bus especially: AMAZING sous poi (a savory, well-spiced Haitian dish with red beans over green lentils); chicken with cinnamon and garbanzo beans (yachneh? can’t spell it); kibbeh, raw beef, Middle Eastern style; creamy baba ghanou; perfect hummus; and the most divine, moist salmon smothered in lemon and olive oil.

    For beer–I can’t think of anything that Weinstephaner wouldn’t go with, though I’m sure I could find a more suited, muted American version.

    • Thanks Jennifer! JeffreyT has been nothing but supportive of my show, and all of us at the Beer Safari, so I owe a great deal to him. I appreciate you listening, and commenting.

      If you love Syrian food, you must visit my friend Afaf’s web site http://www.simplyheavenfood.com. She cooks some of the best food I have ever tasted, including Kibbeh, Baba Ghanou, many different versions of Hummus, and some dips I can’t even begin to describe.

      I love that you brought that up, because Afaf is dear to me, and I am a big fan of Syrian food now because of her. She has enriched my life with it. She’s also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

      Lovefest for Afaf!

  5. Congratulations Phil,

    As always your show does indeed not suck. I have thought long and hard on what I would eat and here it is (even if it does not go well together.

    Salad- Heirloom tomato, mozzarella (buffalo), fresh basil salad.
    With the salad Gaffel Kolsch.
    Appetizer- A small pizza with sweet Italian sausage and porcini mushrooms.
    With app Flying Dog Snake dog IPA
    Mains- Pressed crispy pork belly with grilled courgettes (zucchini?)
    With mains Chimay Blue
    Dessert- Caramel pudding (English pudding not custard style).
    Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.

    There you have it.

    Thank you,

    • Damn Kirk!!! Now THAT’S a meal! See – mine sucks, but my tastes are way too simple. I love all of the menu items you listed, and the beer is perfect. Chimay Blue – the Jesus of beers.

      Thanks for your comments, and continued support too. It means everything to me, really.

  6. Kick ass show yet again, Phil! I love the new segment. WHHHAAAAA! HELP ME! LOL!

    Last dinner, hmmmm. All I know is that I would want to go out in style. Start with a lobster tail, or some king crab. Maybe some caviar on toast with a glass of nice sparkling wine or French champagne. Then a main course of filet mignon with mashed potatoes and asparagus wrapped in bacon. Skip dessert and just get me a nice tall bottle of ABT 12 Abbey Ale.

    Then I’d run like hell. If they want me dead, they’ll have to shoot me in the back.

    Congrats on the new season. Keep it coming. Your show is one of the best out there.


    • I hate to admit that scene was from JAWS 4: The Revenge. Someone asked me yesterday and when I told them, they said “They made a 4th one?”

      Diggin the surf & turf too. And Abt 12 would go quite nicely. Unfortunately, I think you eat this meal in your cell, so there’s no where to run to. I should have never included death row in this. Brings too much of a sense of doom to the whole thing.

      Thanks again Dan.

  7. Congrats again Phil! Keep em coming!

  8. Scallop Ceviche, crab cakes, lamb stew, and a big piece of cheesecake. Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Fuller’s London Porter, Black Chocolate Stout from Brooklyn Brewing.

  9. Great show again, Phil! Love your music choices! The Marilyn Manson at the end perfection. Congrats on your 2 years! As a newish listener I just want to say what I like about the show is your enthusiastic, no nonsense yet informed approach to food and the show. It has energy, it’s entertaining and interesting all at the same time. Bravo. And I love the Paula Deen bashing! A cruise with her? What happens if one has a heart attack while on board from eating her food?

    My last meal would be a ripe, beefsteak tomato, preferably warmed by the sun from my great-grandmother’s garden (dabbling in a bit of the impossible here), drizzeled with an amazing olive oil, eaten with a crusty French baguette (I’d have to die in Paris for this to work), fresh ground sea salt, and pepper. That would be it. I could go off to the beyond content and happy.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Charles. We have a mutual respect, because I love reading your stories. I like your approach to discovering new places and new food, as it is always a life experience and should be treated as such.

      Had a good laugh at the thought of someone having a heart attack right in front of Deen after eating one of her bacon-wrapped, deep fried dishes. Appalling.

      Digging the simplicity of your last meal too. It’s fun to see what people would want to taste last. Yours is all about quality. That speaks volumes.

  10. Congratulation Phil! TWO years of an awesome show, keep them coming.

    Listening and Reading about every one wish for their last meal, just phenomenal!!

    My last meal, most defiantly will be a few of my favorite Syrian dishes.
    Shawarma, Yalangi, Chicken Kabseh, Smoked Caviar and Hummus on Pita Toasts,
    Shish-Barak, Beef Freekeh, Fattoush, can’t forget MY Falafel wrap …..OK IAM HUNGRY NOW!!!!!

    • Thank you Afaf! If I knew you would be available the night they were going to juice me, I might just ask them to have you come in and cook a meal for me instead. 🙂

  11. Your show kicks ass, my friend. Congrats on the 2 years, and hope you see another 2 more at least. I have learned more from your show about food and the issues farmers face than any other podcast out there. Yours is not a cooking show, it’s a food show, and there’s more to food than cooking.

    Thanks for the effort.


    • And thank you, Ronnie! I appreciate that you took the time to say that. Thanks for listening. The show’s not going anywhere for a while.


  12. way to start off year 3, phil!

    my last meal… well, if sean paxton wasn’t available to cook then i’d have to go with:

    • french baguette and duck rillettes
    • a whole tuna belly
    • rare burger with morels (springtime is a good time to die!) and some of those duck-fat fries, with a side of bearnaise.
    • most definitely a growler of Russian River’s Defenestration, and i could shuffle off happy.

    cheers, man.

  13. Hey ya bastard… I have been a cruise ship “American”! Those blanket statements will come back to kick you in the balls!!! 🙂

  14. Hey Phil,

    Happy anniversary to you! I am inspired by your molecular cooking and all of your culinary adventures. Your blog and podcast often make me hungry. Thanks for the mention of our anniversary– we’re excited to be in business and growing!


    • Thank you Patrick. I appreciate all that you’ve done to bring not just great beer to Orange County, but some of the best beer in all of Southern California. Looking forward to tasting Papier, The Bruery’s 1st Anniversary Ale today.

  15. Just found your podcast and enjoyed it. As a New Orleanian, however, I must say that any mention of the Crescent City that fails to note the music of the place misses a key aspect of what makes NOLA great. And different. Other than that, booze,beer, broads, bacon and butter pretty much sums us up as you noted.

    My last meal:

    A cup of turtle soup, made with heavy veal stock and real turtle, finished with copious amounts of sherry, and garnished with fresh french bread. To drink: a crisp, hoppy ale, Stone Levitation would do the trick.

    A Pittsburgh-rare Grassfed Ribeye, topped with caramelized shallots and a shiitake mushroom reduction. Side of bubbling macaroni and cheese made with gruyere and studded with black truffles, with a crispy crust. To drink: a spicy Zinfandel, Grgich Hills makes a fantastic one.

    For dessert — the grande dame of New Orleans desserts, the bread pudding souffle with whiskey cream sauce from Commander’s palace. Side of vanilla bean ice cream and fresh raspberries and mint. To drink: a neat glass of Johnny Walker Blue.

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