Rubicon Brewing Company :: An interview with brewmaster Scott Cramlet


In my recent visit to Sacramento, which will be the topic of discussion in the next episode of the show, I had a fantastic opportunity to visit with Scott Cramlet, brewmaster at Rubicon Brewing Company. This was made possible through Rick Sellers, of Pacific Brew News.

I didn’t want the interview to get buried in the discussion of everything that happened in Sacramento, so I decided to share it with you now. I wanted to concentrate on Rubicon Brewing, share it’s history, and all of their great beers.

Listen to the interview with Scott Cramlet.

Rubicon Brewing’s owner Glynn Phillips is truly passionate about brewing, having been involved with homebrewing since the age of 15. Yes, that’s right – 15. The story of how he got involved in the brewing industry is documented well on the Rubicon Brewing Company’s web site.

Rick and I visit with Scott for half an hour, and I appreciate him taking the time out of his busy day to discuss Rubicon’s history, day to day operations, and varieties of beer that they brew. We learn that Rubicon was not only the first brewery to brew a Wheat Wine, but also the brewery where the now infamous Racer 5 IPA got it’s start.

You can listen to the interview with Scott Cramlet here, or in the iTunes Store.

Thanks to Glynn and Scott for their hospitality, and to Rick Sellers for taking me to all the places in Sacramento that, quite frankly, did not suck.