episode 40 :: capital gains


A long weekend trip to Sacramento early in June opened my eyes to all things culinary in our state’s capital. Led by Rick Sellers of Pacific Brew News, and his wife Tracy, we spent one of the most action-packed beer & beverage days that I can remember having in a very long time. We were joined by Peter Hoey of Sacramento Brewing, as well as Sean Paxton (the homebrew chef) and his wife. The day starts off in high gear and never slows down.

Listen to episode 40 here.

There’s Corti Brothers, the grocery store that has now become the measuring stick for all others. The Shack – the most unassuming place you’d ever expect to be drinking some of the finest Belgian beers in the world. There’s King’s Restaurant, home to some of the greatest Dim Sum I’ve ever had (including . . . . get ready . . . . CHICKEN FEET!).

We spend a couple of hours at Sacramento Brewing, where Peter has put his genius to work crafting some incredible brew, as well as some of the most loveable cask-aged Sour Belgian ales you could ask for. Our evening ends at Auburn Alehouse, where Brian and Lisa Ford have turned a sleepy little town into a craft brew destination for anyone on their way to or from Reno or Lake Tahoe.

We gained some new friends, new memories, but most of all – an education. Sometimes, the culinary gems are where you might least expect them to be.

In this episode:
• Sacramento, and the capital’s hidden food mecca
• Things I learned from Food, Inc., and why everyone should see it
• 911 is for emergencies, not fast food mishaps
The Bruery’s new homebrew supply shop
Beer Wars now available on DVD
• An preview of an in-depth look at Myrecipes.com, coming soon
• New FDA regulations on at-risk food production facilities
• Kobe Beef – it’s not what’s for dinner, even if you think it is
• Detroit’s auto industry crisis hits the city’s food supply

Listen to episode 40 here.

Music in this episode by Marilyn Manson. Buy the song in the iTunes Store. 99 cents. Don’t be cheap – support the arts.

PS: Paula Deen is the anti-christ.