episode 41 :: the food tube


In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in the middle of a very food rich television season. With shows like Top Chef Masters, No Reservations, The F Word, and The Next Food Network Star in full swing, and a new season of Top Chef on the horizon, it’s an entertainment-rich environment for foodies.

It’s been a year and a half since King Corn hit the big screen, so I wanted to remind those who haven’t yet seen it to do so. I pulled a few clips from the movie to tease you with the films message of how corn is changing everything (and I mean everything) about food. I highly encourage you to either rent it, or buy your copy on the films web site.

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In this episode:
• The most content-rich Summer in food television history
Ludo Bites
Charles Thompson’s 100 Miles
• Is tuna becoming endangered?
• Welcome new listeners
Jennifer Litz at FoodBytes, the future of food writing – no, writing period.
FACT – Food Animal Concerns Trust
• Season 6 of Top Chef, featuring Chef Michael Voltaggio from The Bazaar
• Padma leaving Top Chef for a sitcom, and my idea for her new sitcom
• Julie & Julia opens August 7th

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Music in this episode from The Prodigy. Download “Spitfire” from the iTunes Store.