episode 42 :: happy birthday, julia!


Saturday, August 15th would have been Julia Child’s 97th birthday. So, in honor of her special day, I want you to join me in celebrating the life of the most influential food writer in the history of food, and writing. It’s a one trick pony this time, kids. It’s all about Julia.

In this episode, I put aside my angst to share Julia’s history, including some lesser known facts about her (she was a World War II spy, and she loved McDonald’s french fries). Then we’ll go to my kitchen and make vichyssoise from Julia’s book The French Chef Cookbook, which pairs quite well with Chimay Cinq Cents, thank you very much.

Listen to Episode 42 here.

You can buy Julia’s cookbooks on Amazon.com:
Mastering the Art of French Cooking
The French Chef Cookbook

Also, purchase the show’s theme music by Edith Piaf from the iTunes Store for 99 cents. That’s cheaper than an order of McDonald’s fries . . . I think.