episode 43 :: the french connection

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Our experience at Ludo Bites
last month was eye opening. Everything we tasted that night was something I’d tasted before, but not nearly in the same context that Chef Ludo Lefebvre presented it to me. Chef Ludo does more than give you a new tasting experience, he challenges you to change whatever preconceived notions you may have about the ingredients he’s presenting you with.  The food was amazing, the ambience at The Bread Bar was as laid back as you can imagine, and for a $5 corking fee, we were able to enjoy our own wine and beer from our collection.

The situation is unique, because Ludo’s not cooking in his own kitchen. The Bread Bar is open for breakfast and lunch. After that, it closes and Ludo and his staff move in, and it’s open for dinner under the name “Ludo Bites.”  His stint at The Bread Bar behind him, we don’t know where he’ll end up next. Visit his web site to keep up with his future plans or follow him on Twitter @chefludo

Listen to My Life as a Foodie Listen to the french connection here.

To see some of the deliciousness that we enjoyed, watch this short slideshow:

But wait, there’s more!  Also in this episode:
• Rogue’s XS Old Crustacean Barley Wine
• A very off-topic discussion of an off-topic ad for No Reservations
• Esquire’s “What Men Eat” has it all wrong
• Work is important, but so is your lunch break
• Top Chef Season 6 update

Music in this episode from Crystal Method’s “Drive” available from the iTunes store.

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Special thanks to Kuranuk for his Sandra Lee mash-up that provided material for this episode’s intro. See the whole thing on YouTube.