episode 44 :: rockin’ the lobster


I’ll be brutally honest. There isn’t a lot I knew about lobster before this episode. I knew it was delicious. I knew it was caught in traps, that it was highly sought after, and that it was butter’s best friend. Outside of that, not much else. All of that changed for me, and hopefully it will for you too if you knew as little as I did coming into episode 44 of this show.

In this episode, we’re joined by Greg Cain of finelobster.com, who was generous enough to take time out of his busy day to answer a few questions I had about lobster, the lobster business, and about his two web sites finelobster.com and crabplace.com. Not only do they sell and ship LIVE Maine lobsters direct to you (with FREE shipping on orders of $100 or more) but they also sell the best crab cakes available on the internet. Bold claim, I know, but they’ve received the best reviews online. The only way to know for sure is to try them for yourself.

play_audio Listen to episode 44 now.

In this episode:
• By far the best comfort food meal I’ve ever had, courtesy of my friends David & John
• Ale Smith’s Wee Heavy
• The lobster business is not only dangerous, it’s deadly. How you can help.
• Greg Cain from finelobster.com
• Is McDonald’s in the UK actually a healthy place to eat?
• The McCafe hipster commercials are driving me crazy
• Megan Fox loves Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Krispy Kreme Donuts

UPDATE: This show is getting a lot of attention. It’s already climbed it’s way to the 6th most downloaded episode of My Life as a Foodie after only a week, and now we’re mentioned in our first ever press release.

Music in this episode from Flaw. Download the song in the iTunes store for 99 cents.

Special thanks again to Greg Cain from finelobster.com and crabplace.com. Also a special thanks to Alison at Audette Media for making the interview happen.


  1. Great show Phil. I learned quite a bit… for example, 3 lobsters in a cage attack each other. And how long lobsters can live without food. Or how long they can live out of water. Cool stuff and good eats. It’s hard to believe they used to have rules against how often you could serve lobster to your help in the old days. Quoting wiki – “Prior to the American Revolutionary War, dock workers in Boston went on strike, protesting having to eat lobster more than three times a week, and servants specified in employment agreements that they would not eat lobster more than twice per week.”

    I have to say, Megan Fox is, well, she’s alright! And apparently a cheap date.

    • Thanks Rick! I had read years ago that back in the old old old days, there was so much lobster (and people had no idea how delicious it actually was) that they were giving it to the peasants to eat. Then I guess one of the rich white people had a drunk night and ate one and that changed the course of history.

      I know I’d never get tired of eating it. As I said on the show, I’ve been eating a lot of lobster in the past year, because it’s not only become somewhat more affordable, but once you get a taste of it — it’s like potato chips. You can’t stop.

      Your take on Megan Fox is spot on. Definitely a cheap date. That is, until she stabs you in the leg.

  2. Oh Philllll,

    Great show and thank you Katrina for stopping Phil from playing the B-52 song. When I saw the title of the show I was soo expecting that song to start us off.

    Subway… I love Subway. As an expat living in Germany, the happiest day of my life was when Subway opened in a town near me. It is one of the few places in Germany that you can get a full meal, low price and not that bad for you. Other quick options in Germany are Doners (like gyros), something from a bakery, or a bratwurst (of some type). They are good but they will sit in the stomach like a rock.

    Blumenthal, Fearnley-Whittingstall, Ramsay, and even Oliver have been kicking the shit out of fast food restaurants throughout Britain. McDonald’s is probably thinking “who cares” Great Britain only has a pop. of 60 mil, but have a very large economy. It makes sense to raise the food standards because they are paying a lot more for a burger then the rest of the world. I bet that China isn’t getting GM free food, their burgers have GM cardboard flavoured everything, hehe. Just think of the commercials in the US, Mc touts “corn fed beef” even though most of us know that corn fed does not mean quality. Most of us have fallen for that corn fed line, I did, until “King Corn”.

    Dude, girls that are crazy are animals in the sack, and a cheap date… come on. Just think about it.

    Take care and keep up the amazing work,


    • Kirk, great to see your comments — always a pleasure.

      I read your comment about the B-52’s to Katrina and she had a good laugh. She’s so with you, my friend.

      When I’m in a pinch for lunch, and there’s a Subway nearby, I’ll totally eat there. They bake their rolls fresh (and I’m sure there’s HFCS in there, but whatever) and the vegetables at least look like they were picked sometime in the last month.

      Funny that you brought up the corn-fed beef thing. I remember when I was a kid listening to Dodger games on the radio (not a lot of games on TV back then) and Vin Scully would do those commercials for Farmer John and talk about why their pigs taste so much better than other pigs. It was that “Corrrrrn fed tradition” that made them taste so delicious, and keep them tender. I bought into that too. Why wouldn’t I? Vin Scully said it was good!

      I know what you’re saying about crazy girls – and it’s true. But the payoff isn’t worth it. Believe me, the 8 months of bullshit aren’t worth the 8 seconds.

      Thanks again for commenting and for listening, Kirk.

  3. Hey Phil!

    Great show, man. Seriously loved the interview with Greg Cain. Gotta head over there and check out their stuff. BEST crab cakes on the internet??? We’ll have to see about that! I didn’t know anything about lobsters outside of what you mentioned too, so this was extremely educational for me. Thanks again for doing that interview. Sounds like a tough business to be in as a fisherman.



    • Glad you liked the show, Andy. And thanks for checking out finelobster.com — home of Maine Lobster on the net.

      I hoped this would be more infotainment, and I think we brought some of that this time. It was great of Greg to take the time to speak with us.

      Thanks again, Andy!

  4. I never liked Megan Fox before but after the Red Lobster comment I want her to come have dinner with me… alone… with a bucket of butter and I’ll bring the beer.

    Thank you so much for doing a show on lobster. I thought I knew my stuff before but man you and Greg Cain shed a whole new light on it for me. Next time I go shopping for one of these bad boys i now feel more educated on what I’m buying.

    • Spoon, Fox would tear you up, kid. That’s more woman than you can handle, I’m afraid. And I love ya, and don’t want to lose you — so stay clear!

      Glad you enjoyed learning as much about lobster as I did.

  5. Megan Fox is definitely getting a call from Red Lobster after that. She may be a little crazy upstairs but maybe it’s worth it? I mean look at her.

    Did learn quite a bit about lobster in this episode. Great interview with finelobster.com – we’ll have to visit their site. Do they really ship LIVE lobsters? That’s incredible. I wondered how they kept them alive, but he described it.

    McDonald’s sucks. They’re lying if they said they’re using non-GM ingredients. It may be in the UK, but McDonald’s is McDonald’s. Those commercials are a riot. You said it. Who talks like that? How hard is it to make coffee?

    Great show, again. Keep it up Phil!

    Ray Ray

    • Ray – thanks for commenting, and please do visit finelobster.com and crabplace.com. FREE shipping for orders over $100 if you order soon.

      The McDonald’s thing — I don’t know. Even if they were doing things non-GM, does that mean it’s OK to give them our money? It’s a personal choice. For me, it’s a NO unless there’s nothing else to eat. But I would be interested in tasting their burger or chicken sandwich next to a McDonald’s sandwich here and seeing what the differences are.

      Appreciate you stopping by.

  6. We absolutely LOVE your show Phil! Always so entertaining and informational!
    Great interview with Greg Cain (couldn’t wait to listen) now we have to check out their site and their stuff.

    Thanks for the recap of our awesome dinner at David and john’s! Great hostess and wonderful cooks!
    And by the way so glad you are enjoying the Beer Phil.

    Thanks again for sharing!
    x o x o

    • Thank you Afaf! And thanks again for the wonderful beer! I love Ale Smith. I love the brewer, I love how he does business, and I really enjoy the passion he puts into his beers.

      I appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment. It means a lot to me.

  7. Freakin’ great show on lobsters, Phil! Definitely one of your better informative shows. Just visited their web site and it looks like lobster is back on the menu for sure.

    The Megan Fox bit cracked me the frig up. I don’t care where she eats, she’s hot as hell. Agree that she’s probably not eating donuts all that often either. But again, doesn’t matter. 🙂

    Love the music too. Rock n Roll, Phil.

    • Hey Ronnie — glad you like the music. You can get that song on iTunes for 99 cents. I love metal that rocks like that. That dude is angry about something – not sure what.

      And definitely take advantage of the FREE shipping offer from finelobster.com. You can buy frozen tails and keep them frozen. They have a LOT to offer. And don’t forget, if you buy a whole LIVE lobster to save the head, shells and whatever else gets left over. It makes a fantastic stock. All of the best flavor from a lobster is in the head.

      Cheers Ronnie! Thanks for your comments.

  8. Love Ale Smith! I’ve had every one of their beers and the Speedway Stout continues to impress me every time. Can you get a lot of Ale Smith where you are? The Wee Heavy seemed light for my taste, but it’s still a good one.

    How can lobstermen stake claim to parcels of water? It’s not owned by anyone. Isn’t it already controlled by the government? And if they’re shooting at each other and damaging each others equipment, the laws for attempted murder and vandalism still apply. And if those waters are controlled by the Federal Government, they should be considered federal crimes.

    Just my 2 cents on the matter. I think it’s stupid.

    • Dan,

      No one knows for sure how to solve these issues. Obviously, there needs to be some control from the government. If you’re familiar with the show “Deadliest Catch” you see how strict they are about what they keep and what they don’t — and are very careful not to do anything illegal out there. Obviously, there’s some form of law there. It just sounds like it’s too dangerous a job already not to have someone out there patrolling and making sure these lobstermen are safe.

      Glad you like Ale Smith too. He’s a great brewer.

  9. Finally found a moment to listen. Really interesting information about lobster that I didn’t know. It was great listening to the lobster guy (he even sounds like a lobster guy!) too. I might consider making one soon. Thanks for that. I am so against corporate food and hate myself every time I go into a place (it’s usually shitty Starbucks) so it was great to hear your comments. They’re all a bunch of liars. Great show! Looking for ward to the next one!

  10. Thanks for your comments, Charles!

    Starbucks is evil, but it doesn’t stop me from buying a large coffee there when I really need one. They do make pretty damned good Joe, I just wish they weren’t chosen as the official fuel of Soccer Moms, USA.

  11. you teased me in the last podcast by mentioning lobster ice cream … (I swear I didn’t imagine it, did I?) … then not talking about it! 😦

    I’ll have to check out these guys … I LOVE lobster! Didn’t they have some kind of TV show about Lobster Wars? I can’t remember specifically, but I thought there was one after Deadliest Catch went over so well.

    As always, LOVE your stuff. 🙂

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