episode 45 :: sonoma, the heart of food


Thanks to recommendations from Charles at One Hundred Miles, we recently had a food experience that blew our minds in Sonoma Valley. People call it wine country, but I think it’s high time we start calling it food country. They think differently there. They think local, fresh, in-season, and it’s a way of life. It’s the way of my life, actually. I’m jealous of anyone lucky enough to live there.

We visited Bovolo, a breakfast/lunch place known for “slow food, fast” (hence the snail on their logo) – a restaurant so unassuming, it’s located at the back of a bookstore. We also discovered that it’s proprietors, John Stewart and Duskie Estes, not only have a second restaurant (ZAZU, where we ate dinner later that night), but make their own bacon and salumi, from the right kind of pigs – farm raised on sustainable farms, with no drugs, antibiotics, or PEDs. It was more than we could have possibly asked for.

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In this episode:
• Gourmet Magazine ceases to exist, sadly, but Diary of a Foodie lives on (for now)
• Breakfast at Bovolo Restaurant
• Bacon from Black Pig Meat Company
• My next project – home cured and applewood smoked bacon, and dry-cured salumi
• Wine tasting at Pedroncelli Winery
• Dinner at Zazu Restaurant + Farm (yes, Farm — we parked next to rows of herbs and greens)
• Negative Food Bloggers who seem to have an agenda need to STFU
• Dinner at Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc
• Our personal tour of the incredibly small Bouchon Bakery in Yountville
• Special thanks to listeners who have recently sent emails
• Vote for My Life as a Foodie in the 2009 Podcast Awards
• Halloween’s around the corner, and next episode will be extra special

Took a lot of photos. Here’s a slide show:

Charles at One Hundred Miles
Bovolo Restaurant
Black Pig Meat Company
Zazu Restaurant
Ad Hoc
Bouchon Bakery
Pedroncelli Winery
Black Pig Salumi Antipasti Recipes