episode 46 :: little miss horrorfest

little miss horrorfest

It’s my favorite time of the year – Halloween. And this year we’re doing the show in true style. After Dark Films Horrorfest 4 starts January 29, 2010. In honor of that, we’re being joined by Miss Horrorfest herself, Vic Tim, who calls in to talk about Horrorfest, and generally creep everyone out (in a blonde, sexy sort of way).

The Horror Movie Quote Game returns, this time with a twist. Most of the quotes involve food in some way, and you can earn bonus points by naming either the food in the scene, or the hidden ingredient. And, thanks to After Dark Films, we’ve got great prizes.

The contest ends November 3rd. The person who sends the most correct answers to phil [at] mylifeasafoodie.com by that date will win our grand prize – 4 promotional DVDs from After Dark Films. We have consolation prizes too, also courtesy of After Dark Films — T-shirts from Horrorfest III, in both mens and womens sizes.

Listen to My Life as a Foodie Listen to the special Halloween episode

In this episode:
• What if Frankenstein’s Monster actually came over for dinner?
• My Dodgers aren’t in the World Series, but I’m entertained by Phillie’s pitchers
• Home-cured bacon update
• Ghost hunting
• Punkin’ Ale from Dogfish Head
• My neighbors are ghosts?
• Vic Tim “Miss Horrorfest” visits the show
• A new horror movie starring Paula Deen
• “Name That Horrible Dish” (Horror Movie Quote Game)
• For dessert – Pumpkin Creme Boolee
• Food, Inc. on DVD November 3rd

Special thanks to Miss Horrofest and After Dark Films for making this year’s Halloween episode the best ever. Visit horrorfestonline.com for more information on Horrorfest 4, buy DVDs from previous Horrorfests, and check out Miss Victoria Tim’s YouTube channel for updates on the remaining 4 films yet to be selected for the festival, which begins January 29, 2010.

Music in this episode from:
• Phear of Orchestration
James Newton Howard

UPDATE 11/3: The contest is officially over. Congratulations to Jessica for scoring a perfect 17/17 and winning our grand prize (4 promo DVDs from After Dark Films). Also scoring a perfect 17/17 (only half an hour later) was chutley, who takes 2nd place. Third place prize goes to Frantastic, who scored 16/17. I will email you soon for your addresses and shirt sizes. Thanks again to all of you for participating in this year’s contest. The response was incredible.

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  1. oh i see how it is. I produce a quality craft beer review show and all you talk about is us chugging. you fargin icehole.

    Show was good. Vic was freaking STELLAR! I’m gonna start checking out some of her work. She seemed like a true professional and yeah, that voice is sexay.

    I have to say that I love when you do interviews. Makes the show seem not so much like you’re in your mom’s basement playing D & D with stuffed animals and serving them tea.

    I’m not even going to try entering that contest. I know better.

    I’d try your dessert but “2 cups heavy cream” would probably kill me and you don’t want that. Is there a lactose free alternative I could try?

    hakuna matata phil! Go Phillies!

  2. that paula dean bit gaves me the freaking chills, man. seriously.

  3. Hey Phil, fantastic show. I’m absolutely in the Halloween spirit now. I emailed you my answers. I think I did pretty good. Much harder this year than last year!

    I have to say, I am liking the Vic Tim. She’s very funny and I just checked out her videos. Spicy!


  4. Great Halloween show Phil. Got me into the spirit of Halloween. I wasn’t even feeling it this year either.

    Miss Horrorfest is a kick. That was a great interview. She’s so quick. I sent you my answers to the horror game but I don’t know how well I did. I think I did OK. There were a couple I got stumped on at first but I went back and listened and I think I figured them out.

    Thank you for a great show again. Have a safe Halloween.

    ~ L ❤

  5. Thanks for your comments, everyone! It was a very fun show for me. I’m glad it got you guys in the Halloween spirit.

    I have 9 entries so far, and you are all impressing me with your knowledge of horror movies. I thought I really threw some hard ones at you this year, but you’re banging them out. It’s going to be interesting to see if anyone’s going to get all of them right. There are a few already that are dangerously close.

    Please don’t forget to check out After Dark Films Horrorfest Online as well as Victoria Tim’s YouTube Channel. It was great having her on the show. She was a lot of fun.

    Keep those entries coming. We’ve got an entire week to go.

  6. Phil, what a great great show this was. It was so fun to hear Miss Horrorfest and take the challenge. I’ve got my answers, but just realized I’m not supposed to post them here, so I’ll email them to you now.

    The Paula Deen movie trailer was creepy and funny at the same time. Did she really make a sandwich using a donut as a bun?

    Gotta look out for that Pumpkin Beer from Dog Fish Head. It does sound like a great beer for the season.

    • Thanks Bill! And thanks for your participation in the contest. It’s great to see you guys getting into the spirit of Halloween. We’ll be back to food in the next episode. 🙂

      The Paula Deen trailer was fun too! That sandwich appeared on the Food Network site a year or so ago and I thought it was a joke. But indeed it wasn’t. She’s out to kill people with some of those recipes, I swear. She’s a very sweet person, though. So it’s all in good fun when I do this stuff.

  7. Never even knew there was such a thing as a horror movie festival. Consider me a fan. Just checked out the web site and will see what movies are available from Netflix.

    Intro was great. Loved the dessert recipe. Miss Horrorfest is a total hottie. Great interview.

    • Thanks for checking out Horrorfest, crabtree. The videos are available everywhere, I think. I know Blockbuster rents them, and I’ve seen them for sale at Target too. If not, you can certainly pick them up from http://www.horrorfestonline.com

  8. Your show kicks ass. I loved this episode. Turned on iTunes this morning and saw a new episode download and knew I was in for something good when I saw the title.

    Just emailed my answers. Crossing fingers. Interview with VicTIM was great. Can’t believe you didn’t get that. It was so easy.

    Keep up the great work. Digging your shows.

    • Andrew, thanks for participating. You did outstanding! The contest winners won’t be announced until next week, so stay tuned.

      So you obviously got Vic Tim right away. Nice. I swear, I’m really dumb. It flew right over my head. It’s a great joke.

      Glad you like the show. I appreciate that you took the time to comment here.

  9. oh my gosh … LOVED the neighbors story … that’s a great dream. I always have some doosies.

    There are a bunch of new “ghost hunting” TV shows out there. I’m not really liking a lot of them – I really like Ghost Hunters & Paranormal State.

    Vic Tim was amazing! When I grow up, I want to be Miss Horrorfest. I have a new goal in life. 🙂 I cannot wait for the 2010 Horrorfest – the movies sound amazing. I always look for After Dark Films at the video store.

    This may be my favorite episode yet, Phil. Even though I’m having a tough time with the contest 🙂

    • Thanks for participating in the contest, Jessica! You did very well (again). I’m constantly shocked how many of you guys are into horror movies. It’s fantastic. I have no idea what I’ll be able to do for next year, but I have a year to think about it.

      Vic Tim is amazing. She’s very funny. I had to hit the “cough button” several times during our interview because I almost laughed all the way through it and didn’t want to step all over her. It was so much fun, I’d do it again tomorrow.

      Thanks for your comments. Have a Happy Halloween!

  10. Love the show! Intro was great, interview was great, contest was great.

    I don’t believe in ghosts, but your dream sounds like a scene out of a horror movie. Sixth Sense?

    Good job! Thanks for the Halloween cheer.


    • Hey Robbie — it was very Sixth Sense! I hate having dreams like that because I end up fully awake and can’t get back to sleep. Not because the dream bothered me, but that my mind starts thinking about other stuff (work, etc.).

      Won’t have that issue this year. It’s all behind me. 🙂

  11. Great stuff. Loved VIC TIM! Great videos on YouTube.

    • She’s a lot of fun. She’s the perfect spokesperson for After Dark Films. Very funny.

  12. Love your show. Enjoyed the horrorfest segment. Didn’t know a lot about it before. The movies look great. When will the other four movies be announced?

    Paula Dean is kinda creepy.

    • Thank you, JNR. Appreciate you participating in the contest too!

  13. Hi Phill, what i do for my salumi is hang them in a used mini fridge i bought for $50. The ideal temp you want is 15C and about 60% humidity. The fridge at its lowest temp is almost right on, you can put a cup of water in there to bring up the humidity. Here are some links that will answer some of the questions charcuterie left you with.


    im excited to here what you come up with. Thanks

    • Mike, that is rockin’! Thanks so much for those links. I’ll check it out and look into getting my hands on a mini-fridge I can dedicate just for salumi.



      • I know you’re into some more modern technique, think about using Transglutaminase, aka Meat Glue for a casing-less salumi. You might be able to get some from your butcher for cheep. If it doesn’t work you can just use it to glue chicken skin and bacon to every thing else you make.
        Thanks for taking the time to do the show.

  14. Loved the show Phil, although I didn’t do so well with the quiz. I will not be sending my answers, so as not to embarrass myself 🙂 I’m just not into horror films like you are, although I was proud of the couple that I did get without looking them up.

    My beer group had a tasting this past Saturday and I was so jazzed to get to try the Dogfish Head Punkin Ale. I went to Total Wine last week to get some….and they were sold out! I know it was a little late, but come on! Oh well, something to look forward to for next year!

    Can’t wait for your next show. By the way…when are the podcast awards announced?


    • Thanks for listening and commenting, Steve! It’s OK if you didn’t do well. It was not an easy challenge, but I was completely overwhelmed with how many people did as well as they did.

      Keep looking for the Punkin’ Ale. It’s in season through the end of November, more than likely. It’s probably harder to find close to Halloween unless you get your hands on it early.

      Also, thanks for your support on the podcast awards. Not sure when they’ll be announced but it has to be soon, because it’s been two weeks since the nominations polls closed. I appreciate your support!

  15. Do we get to know the horror clips?? Andrew knew a few of them. I was excited that I actually knew one of them!!! And I LOVED your Paula Deen trailer!

    Congrats on another well crafted ep! x

  16. Thanks Bob!! Appreciate not only that you took the time to listen, but participated as well!!! Here are the answers, with the bonus answers in parenthesis.

    1. Hannibal (human brains)
    2. Jaws
    3. Se7en (spaghetti)
    4. Ed Gein (human flesh)
    5. House of 1000 Corpses (fried chicken)
    6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (human flesh)
    7. Blair Witch Project
    8. Friday the 13th (Crazy Ralph)
    9. Dracula (Jose Andres from Made in Spain)
    10. The Wolf Man

  17. Bleedings, friends,

    Thank you so much for tuning into”My Life as Foodie” & for all the nice comments. Phil, you are a fang-tastic host & I appreciate you letting me talk everybody’s ear off about these movies.

    We just announced ANOTHER bad*ss movie to our lineup called “Zombies of Mass Destruction” which is being described as a “Political Zomedy.” Check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7fudSMOva4

    Happy Entrails!
    -Vic Tim
    Miss Horrorfest

    • Vic, you made the show what it was. Thank you for being the most important part of our show this year. The response was incredible, and I think you’ve made some new fans too.

      The new movie looks completely different from any previous Horrorfest movie. You guys are really branching out. I love the line “Don’t shoot – I’m gay!” 😀

      Thanks again for being on the show, and for stopping by. Looking forward to hearing more about Horrorfest as January 29th gets closer and closer.

  18. OH! so close!
    great contest, phil, it made my halloween so much better.
    and i already can’t wait for next year (jessica’s reign of trivia terror will be over!)

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